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Directed by David Lipper.
Written by Keli Price.
Starring David Lipper, Tobin Bell, Danny Trejo, Keli Price, Eddie McClintock,
Karissa Lee Staples, Malu Trevejo, Matt Rife, Fernanda Romero, Kenny Yates, Kipp Tribble, Amaris Davidson, Nicole Arlyn, Stephen Belafonte, Giosué Bottini, Dakota Michael, Geoff Samuels

After surviving the mysterious death of his parents on a camping trip as a child, AJ (Keli Price, who also wrote the film) and his brotherMax (David Lipper, who also directed the film) join their significant others and few friends on a return trip to the very place their deaths occurred, Wolf Mountain. Meanwhile, a trio of inmates have escaped from a local prison, one of them played by the one and only Danny Trejo. But it appears there’s a more dangerous predator hunting the mountain and it is looking for more prey.

The best thing I can say about THE CURSE OF WOLF MOUNTAIN is that all around, it’s decently acted. In fact, the acting is better than most movies of this caliber, so I was thankful that although the plot is predictable and the action quite light, at least the players made things somewhat believable. Aside from that, there is from some very hit and miss gore. Some of the kills seem to have required quite a lot of work put into them. Others are pretty uninspired. It really seems like there was an intention to make each kill memorable, but really, I can only recall one of them and I just finished the film.

Though they are at the top of the credits and featured prominently on the poster and trailer, both Tobin Bell and Danny Trejo only have a few minutes of screentime and most likely did their scenes in a single day. Trejo has a meatier part, as he at least gets a few scenes as the escaped prisoner. Bell only gets a few moments as AJ’s therapist at the beginning, so fans of either actor will find themselves wanting.

While some of the character work is ok, the story really goes nowhere. Multiple scenes dedicated to G-rated sex scenes threaten to titillate, but only end up being disappointing as the film lacks the teeth to even deliver some solid nudity. Why have multiple sex scenes with no nudity? These scenes seem to have been added just to pad out the film. As is, THE CURSE OF WOLF MOUNTAIN is a noble effort that seems to have started out with an inkling of what kind of tone they are working for, but either due to budget or inexperience, it fails to really provide anything memorable or worth recommending.

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