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Directed by Drew Rosas
Written by Drew Rosas
Starring Nick Sommer, Michael Johnson, Sarah Luther, Emily Treolo, Andrew Swant
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It took quite a while before I realized that BLOOD JUNKIE was a modern film made to look like an 80’s slasher film rather than one just filmed in the 80’s. Right from the opening sequence, I wondered if this was untalented folks making a bad film or if it was talented folks going out of their way to make a good film that looks like a bad film. Turns out it is the latter.

I had a blast with BLOOD JUNKIE. From the over the top soon to be victims who high five, guzzle cheap beer, and shout “Chicks!” to every camera cliché and trick in the book used, this is a love letter to bad 80’s horror for anyone who lived through and loved that era of films. The set up is paper thin. Two guys meet two girls in the parking lot of a liquor store. The girls have money for booze. The guys have the car. They get together and go camping. Of course, there’s a blood sucking killer in the woods as well. This film looks like it was filmed for about 12 dollars, but the filmmakers use this to their advantage, amping up the cheese and wallowing like a pig in shit in every low fi trick in the book.

If you’re a fan of A WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER and lines like this
“This chick will melt like a stick of butter in the palm of my tongue.”
make you laugh, then this is the film for you. The film is surprisingly effective in the chills department once the blood starts flowing and in between it will have you laughing your ass off at how ridiculous the culture of the 80’s really was. Plus, unlike a lot of Troma films, the narrative doesn’t fall apart in the end. From start to finish this is a low, passionate, sloppy hug around all things 80’s horror. I’m addicted to BLOOD JUNKIE and will eagerly anticipate what director Drew Rosas (who also did the equally fun BILLY CLUB) has in store in future efforts.

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