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BEWARE (2010)

Directed and written by Jason Daly.
Starring Lorena King, Victor Gonzalez, Cecilia Huete, & Adam Leadbeater

BEWARE focuses on a group of youngsters who have car trouble on the way to a concert. Of course, this happens right around the same place a ritualistic murder took place five years ago. Soon the partying teen bodies start dropping one by one in pretty brutally creative ways.

This throwback slasher film is surprisingly well done. Sure the acting is downright amateurish, but BEWARE consists of a bunch of great kills and some stylish camera work from director/writer Jason Daly. Both the script and the acting leave a lot to be desired, but Daly shows talent in setting up a scary scene and amping up the chills in the slash and bash parts.

The effects are also well done, especially with the feral killer’s manacles growing into the skin of his arms which is sure to cause a wince or two. Fans of FRIDAY THE 13th films will most definitely get a kick out of this one with its pretty successful attempts to make both the killer and the kills iconic as well as gratuitous t&a.

BEWARE doesn’t blaze new trails, but it does skip down well tread paths with energetic and stylish glee. It’s for those who just can’t get enough of that slasher vibe but don’t need things like characterization or thematic heft to in order to do so.

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