Let’s check out This Week In Comics Horror March 8, 2023!

KILLCHELLA #3 (Scout Comics) Story by Mario Candelaria with art by Lautaro Havlovich.
BLACK TAPE #2 (AWA Upshot) Story by Dan Panosian with art by Dalibor Talajić.
VAMPIRELLA VS. RED SONJA #5 (Dynamite Entertainment) Story by Dan Abnett with art by Alessandro Ranaldi.
GODZILLA RIVALS: MOTHRA VS. TOTANOSAURUS #1 (IDW Publishing) Story by Blue Delliquanti with art by Ferio Wind.
CHILDREN OF THE BLACK SUN #3 (Ablaze) Story by Dario Sicchio with art by Letizia Cadonici.
WEST OF SUNDOWN #9 (Vault Comics) Story by Aaron Campbell, Tim Seeley with art by Jim Terry.
CYANIDE CAMP (Reptile House Comix) Story and art by Nicole Rodrigues, Tia Roxae, Christian Santiago, Evika Boker, Ella Boker, Gabriel Mason Howell, Eden D., Pleather Face, Pris Genet, Nick Bunch.
BLOODLINE: DAUGHTER OF BLADE #2 (Marvel Comics) Story by Danny Lore with art by Karen S. Darboe.
PREDATOR #1 (Marvel Comics) Story by Ed Brisson with art by Netho Diaz.
SPAWN #339 (Image Comics) Story by Rory McConville with art by Carlo Barberi.
BLOOD TREE #2 (Image Comics) Story by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Maxim Simic.

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