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PIGGY (aka CERDITA, 2022)

Directed and written by Carlota Pereda.
Starring Laura Galan, Richard Holmes, Carmen Machi, Irene Ferreiro, Camille Aguilar, Claudia Salas, Jose Pastor, Fernando Delgado-Hierro, Julian Valcarcel, Pilar Castro, Amets Otxoa, Chema del Barco, Fred Tatien, Stéphanie Magnin, Malena Gutiérrez
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PIGGY is a unique thriller from Spain with a bold lead performance from plus-sized actress Laura Galán who plays Sara, the butcher’s daughter and village outcast. After having her clothes stolen while swimming, Sara crosses paths with a serial killer who has just abducted the gals who have bullied her incessantly. Turns out, the killer has a soft spot for the outcast and a bizarre romance forms between the two. As the hunt for the missing girls intensifies, so does the relationship between Sara and the killer.

Part mystery, part MEAN GIRLS, part twisted romance, PIGGY is a strange yet intriguing film. It begins by putting you in the shoes of the protagonist and witness the incessant torment she has. While there are terrifying things to come, this for me was one of the most horrifying thing for me to watch. Seeing what these girls put Sara through is simply inhumane, so you understand the hesitation Sara has when she sees them about to get their comeuppance. Galan delivers a monumental performance as Sara. It’s bold and utterly brave. I know I wouldn’t have the guts to appear in a bathing suit on camera and that’s some of the least embarrassing moments of the film. She is just a powerhouse here, communicating volumes with very little dialog, but when she does speak and act, it’s earth-moving.

But after the first segment where we are put through Sara’s emotional wringer, it turns into a suspense story slash love story. It would be quite a leap for Sara to fall for the killer, but because the film is segmented into sections, it all works. Once we get to know Sara’s plight, we understand why she might develop feelings for this first person to show her kindness. It’s a falling into love story, kind of like a descent into madness story. Writer/Director Carlota Pereda makes every step believable and at the very least understandable. But of course, this leads to a crisis of conscience for Sara, who unlike the killer, seems to know right from wrong. Sara has to choose between the one guy who doesn’t treat her badly (who happens to be a ruthless killer) or saving the girls who bully her. The answer is not as easy as it seems. It’s a complex conundrum brought to light excellently.
I found PIGGY to be genuinely unpredictable, emotionally complex, and Laura Galán kicks ass as the unconventional lead. The film doesn’t shy away from the action, intrigue, and moral and psychological complexity dealing with social anxieties and societal norms in terms of what is beauty. The film also gets quite gory in the end, making PIGGY a slam bang knockout of a film with a little bit of everything for everyone. I highly recommend this gem from Spain.

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