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Directed and written by Anubys Lopez..
Starring Yetlanezi Rodriguez, Angie Sandoval, Reese Fast, Kevin Kinkade, Addison Cousins, Dave McClain

Two sisters on their way to a hiking trip, breakdown in the middle of nowhere and end up running for their lives from some kind of cult in the woods.

I’m not going to mince words. THOSE WHO CALL was a complete waste of time. While it delivers a death in the first few minutes in the opener, the rest of the film is basically the two leads walking through the woods, running through the woods, and arguing with one another. Nothing happens in this film. It’s all leadup to a big revelation at the end and then the credits roll. I don’t know how I did it, but I endured and finished this one, but I won’t encourage others to do so.

If it were a pair of great actors doing all of this walking and talking or even a decent point to the amount of time dedicated to the circular conversations the two of them have, this film might have redeemed itself. But neither are the case. Yetlanezi Rodriguez and Angie Sandoval are decent as the sisters, but since the film simply relies on the two of them talking back and forth, it highlights the actresses inexperience and weaknesses in line delivery and emotional communication. On top of that, they don’t encounter anything on their path other than some craft fair pumpkin heads hanging on sticks. Instead, oddly transitioned flashbacks are peppered throughout that I guess was meant to give the arguments between the two sisters time to grow. But there really is no depth to these arguments. One sister wants to keep the house, the other doesn’t. One wants to bury their dad, the other wants to cremate him. There’s no pep or real need for these moments to be shown other than to pad the film to be about an hour and fifteen minutes and that’s about it.

I really am a supporter of indie films, but I hate having my time wasted. THOSE WHO CALL might have had some passion in it, but it isn’t conveyed on screen by the actors or filmmakers. It’s just running and arguing for and hour fifteen and there are scores of other movies that give you much more than that. Not a recommend.

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