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Directed and written by Jason Ragosta (“Mother Love”), Steven Keller (“Ear Worm”), Haley Bishop (“Forever Young”), Wes Driver (“The Keeper”), Mark Pritchard (“Limited Edition”), Kimberly Elizabeth (“Do Us Part”), Jason Wilkinson (“Tabitha”), Nichole Carlson (“Maternally Damned”), Sebastian Brazile, Michael Galvan (“Symphony of Horror).
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SINPHONY OF HORROR is a collection of nine very short horror films, so short that I hesitate to break down each installment of the anthology for fear of revealing too much about them, but here goes.
A clown masked serial killer stalks a woman on a witchy conference call. A father and son fumigation crew run into a fungus like no other. A woman has trouble acting her age on her 30th birthday. A family arrives at an inn harboring a dark secret. Two wielders of magic books duel it out during a seemingly serene country drive. A ghost of a dead wife tries to kill her living husband. A woman bleeding out after a robbery has one last dying wish. After a one-night stand, a woman becomes pregnant with…something. And the wraparound, titled “Sinphony of Horror” tries to tie the whole of the shorts together and does so in a decent way that was appreciated, though some of the connections are a bit of a stretch.

Instead of critiquing each one, I’m just going to say that overall, the stories of SINPHONY OF HORROR are pretty strong. They show that, in very little time, the talented group behind the films are able to tell a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end, and not forget to pepper in some nicely timed shocks, spooky ambience, and twisted imagery. For the most part, the film flips expectations that have been well established in other horror stories. And though some are straight-forward with their message, all are done with a quality of production that is above what you usually see in short horror films.

The standouts for me was “The Keeper” due to the creature design and nice buildup, “Mother Love” for it’s inventive stab at the slasher genre, “Ear Worm” for its visceral effects, and the comically potent “Forever Young.” But really, all of these shorts compile themselves to make a strong anthology worth seeking out.

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