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Directed by Stacy Brown Jr.
Starring Stacy Brown Jr., Ryan ‘RPG’ Golembeske, James Brost, Bill Brock, Joey Badia, Emmette Kessler, Edward Monge, Martis Morgan, Paul Sanson, Josh Watson
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A group of Bigfoot enthusiasts use various out-of-the-box methods to track down the cryptid known as the Skunk Ape in the Florida Everglades in this, the first installment of a three part docuseries.

THE SKUNK APE EXPERIMENTS is a bold endeavor. We’ve all seen and grown quite tired of the usual Bigfoot shows where people trounce around in the dark using night vision and assuming every broken twig and strange sound is the cryptid. Stacy Brown Jr. and his crew of good old boys have gathered together to do just that, but because this is Florida, the terrain is quite perilous—filled with swamps, fierce gators, swarms of bees, wild boars, and all sorts of critters that would just as soon kill you than run away from you. But these guys don’t just stop there.

While part of the hour long documentary feels rather typical for a Bigfoot expedition, Brown and his jovial group of believers risk their health and souls for the cause. While one of the guys drops acid and attempts to communicate with other dimensions, another chants in another room of a house in the middle of the woods, reading poetry from Alister Crowley, in order to tether himself to a darker spirit world. There’s also a spiritualist in another room attempting to contact the creature and meanwhile outside of the house, another group of the guys are on the lookout for an appearance of the creature itself. That’s a whole lot of different angles to approach this thing and while it might seem to be a bit of a stretch, since conventional methods haven’t seemed to have produced any hard evidence of the creature, it doesn’t hurt to try something unordinary.

While I admire these guys, there is a sort of JACKASS feel to this doc that you don’t get with regular Bigfoot shows. It’s one of those things where they tell the viewer not to do this at home, but the reckless fun they seem to be having might just influence the dimmer of bulbs out there to try this dangerous shit. My biggest complaint with this first part of this series is that it cuts off right as the rituals they are performing get started. I know it wanted to end on a cliffhanger, but this first hour long chapter felt incomplete, leaving me wanting to have some kind of closure. I guess it’s a good thing that it left me wanting more. Before I researched the documentary, I didn’t know there would be a second and third part and really felt gypped by the whole thing. Knowing another installment will drop soon has me eager to check it out and I’ll keep you guys up to date if anything of interest comes from these zany Bigfooters who will try anything to prove the Skunk Ape is real.

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