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Directed by Adam Gierasch
Written by Jace Anderson & Adam Gierasch (screenplay), Joe Augustyn (original screenplay)
Starring Monica Keena, Shannon Elizabeth, Edward Furlong, Diora Baird, Bobby Sue Luther, Tiffany Shepis

With the barrage of remakes hitting theaters these days, it’s no wonder NIGHT OF THE DEMONS was remade. Thankfully, the film was remade with someone with balls and what looks to be a deep respect for the original. Though sinfully undermarketed, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (2010) is one of the few films which captures the true spirit of the original while expanding on it to fit modern cinematic expectations and technology.

Most of the same story is present. A party is being held by a “bad girl” named Angela (played this time by AMERICAN PIE’s Shannon Elizabeth). Unlike the first film, relatively known stars are cast with Monica Keena (UNDECLARED, FREDDY VS JASON) playing the “good girl” with other party goers such as Diora Baird in the role inspired by Quigley and Bobby Sue Luther (the final girl in LAID TO REST) putting her gigantic pair of…ahem…acting talents on full display in a cat suit. Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis also makes an appearance in a minor role as well and even Linnea Quigley dons her little pink dress from the first film for a cameo. Rounding out the cast is a puffy Edward Furlong who looks as if he’s seen better days.

”No costume, no candy, motherfucker!”

Though at times director Adam Gierasch seems to rush through things (some of the takes seem to capture the lack of enthusiasm some of the actors—mostly Furlong—seemed to have in their performances), he does fill every single moment in this one with thrills, wild camera work and fantastic musical choices to set the mood. The Halloween party Gierasch sets up is the type of Halloween party I’d like to go to.

A lot of the elements of what made the original such a classic are present here. The lipstick sequence is repeated with Baird displaying her impressive chesticles, though with lesser cinematic “wow”. The sequence is somewhat rushed through compared to the much more patient and jaw-dropping original sequence. Though in Gierasch’s new version, Baird’s boobs do have tentacles flapping about later on, a welcome addition to the perversity mixing of sex and death theme which was so prevalent. Baird seemed to be the highlight of the sex/death motif during a sex scene where she and her partner literally become a beast with two backs.

”She stuck a lipstick in her boob and it fell out of her pussy!”

Gierasch and his wife/collaborator/writer Jace Anderson incorporate some goofy mythos toward the end regarding demons and rusted metal which only barely makes sense and requires explanation/discourse from teens who really shouldn’t know the first thing about demon incantation. The same clueless kids also somehow immediately know how to write these incantations on walls in order to protect the room they’re in from invading demon forces. All of this is goofy logic, but with the amount of fun and sheer glee Gierasch doles out the perverse horrors, I’m willing to forgive him for that.

All in all, this remake builds on and honors the original, something you can’t say for too many remakes these days. With walls dripping blood, boob tentacles, lesbian kissing resulting in a face being ripped off and all sorts of sordid and bloody antics, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2010 is one of the best remakes I’ve ever witnessed. As with the original film, the remake of NIGHT OF THE DEMONS sports a fantastic soundtrack with everyone from Type O Negative to Concrete Blonde supplying creepy songs to help amp up the mood and chills. Again, with a soundtrack like this and the quality of the film, I am amazed that this film didn’t get a theatrical release while pap like the WHEN A STRANGER CALLS and PROM NIGHT remakes had cross-country screen-time.

If you’re planning on having a Halloween party this weekend and want something to play in the background while the festivities are commencing, might I suggest NIGHT OF THE DEMONS or its remake? It’s got enough eye candy and gore to make your trick or treat bags runneth over with blood, boobs, drugs, booze, demons, and music. What more could you ask for on Halloween?

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