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FARM (2010)

Directed by Hank Bausch & Andrew M. Jackson
Written by Paul Farrell
Starring Michael Hotop, Ashley Salazar & Freddie Meyer
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I really loved this moody little film about a trio of survivors trying to live together in an abandoned farm amidst the zombie apocalypse. Taking a page from THE WALKING DEAD, FARM focuses on the survivors more than the zombies themselves. Unlike most recent zombie films which seem to want to go bigger and focus on swarming masses of the undead, the shambling deceased don’t even show up in this one until halfway through the film. In fact, I almost hate to let you guys know this is a zombie film because though the signs were all there, the film doesn’t really let on that there are zombies afoot for quite a while.

Directors Hank Bausch & Andrew M. Jackson show an excessive amount of patience, focusing on Charlie (played by Michael Hotop), a country boy with a knife sheathed on his leg who goes about his day-to-day routine of keeping up the farm, providing for his brother Simon (played by Freddie Meyer) and protecting his farm from outsiders. When a young girl (Ashley Salazar) shows up, she threatens to shatter the peaceful existence Charlie and his brother have made for themselves, zombies soon follow and the farm proves to be unsafe.

As I mentioned above, the fact that I didn’t know this was a zombie film until half an hour in is a testament to the subtle directing and writing going on. Much of this film is without dialog, reminiscent of a David Lynch film (think THE STRAIGHT STORY) where a quiet man lives a quiet life of order until chaos is injected. The acting is up a notch from your usual indie film and the makeup effects of the zombies are damn fine too.

FARM isn’t an in your face and extreme zombie film following well tread paths. It’s a patient and meticulous story of survival and how fragile order often is. Not your typical zombie film, FARM is something special and full of that indie horror spirit you don’t see haunting big budget fright flicks.

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