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AMERICAN WEREWOLVES Documentary (2022)

Directed by Seth Breedlove.
Starring Ron Murphy, Elijah Henderson, Brian Taylor, Adam Davis, Diane Lutz, Shane Leuthold, Shane Grove, Martin Groves.
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Small Town Monsters and director Seth Breedlove shifts the focus from UFO’s and Bigfoots to Dogmen in this new installment in their documentary series. This documentary interviews eyewitnesses to strange hairy dog-like creatures that stand on their hind legs. It’s a cryptid I don’t necessarily believe in as much as I do UFO’s and Bigfoot, but from the testimonies, it seems the people believe what they are saying.

The documentary focuses on two locations; Bucyrus, Ohio and the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. Screentime is given to much of the heavily wooded landscapes in each locale. Coming from Ohio myself, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a dogman. Though I have relatives who swear they saw a black panther on their property when I was a kid, so I’ve had some experience hearing stories about cryptids from an early age. The documentary points out how much of these dogmen seem to have ties to Native American culture, with some of the sightings occurring near burial mounds. I found this quite interesting.

Like Mulder, I want to believe in this stuff, but it’s hard to do so with dogmen. Hearing these downhome people use the same cryptid buzzwords like “bipedal” and “canine” makes me suspicious that they might be indulging on some of the tales in order to appear in a documentary. The multiple stories that pair the dogmen with strange lights in the sky and even cameo appearances by Sasquatch make it seem like these witnesses are trying to make this some kind of MCU connected continuity feel to these stories.

As usual, Small Town Monsters put together a thorough and slick looking documentary with plenty of scenes moodily lit depicting a man in a pretty decent werewolf suit trying to give you something wolfy to look at while listening to these stories. Everything is taken seriously and much info about the werewolf in various cultures is touched upon. This is definitely a good introduction to the dogman cryptology. Personally, I’ve already wasted hours on YouTube watching accounts of the monster. A little about how weird I am, I go to sleep listening to the various cryptid stories narrated on sites like Bigfoot Case Files, Shrouded Hand, Lazy Masquerade, and Beyond Creepy, so while this doc didn’t really teach me anything new, it did compile a lot of the info I’ve gleaned from many videos out there on the subject.

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