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Directed and written by Ryan Harrison.
Starring Ryan Harrison, Darrell Francis, Mitch Schlagel, Steven C. Rose, Tatiana Ortiz, Paisley Blackburn, Lisa Schnellbacher, Steven Bodie
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Rex (Ryan Harrison) is an aimless loser who lives on his mother’s couch and hangs with his best buddy Kano (Mitch Schlagel). After he meets the girl of his dreams (Lisa Schnellbacher)at the pet store, Rex is incapacitated when a group of ninjas loot the store of its puppies and kidnap the pet store girl. Vowing revenge, Rex must learn the ways of the ninja from an eggroll eating master named Haskett (Steven C. Rose) anda gun-happy gal named Jojo (Tatiana Ortiz) in order to rescue the pet store girl, save the puppies, and fulfill his destiny. But ninja master Big Twiddy (Darrell Francis) is bent on stopping him no matter how many puppies he has to eat.

NINJA BADASS is a ridiculous and inappropriate low fi action movie spoof reminiscent of KUNG FURY, THE TOXIC AVENGER, THE TAINT, and KUNG POW: ENTER THE FIST. It doesn’t care if it offends and probably would be giddy if it did. In this sensitive day and age we live in, it’s awesome to see such uncouth and ill mannered comedy being made. It tells it’s own unique story while paying homage and making fun of the very genres it was birthed from. The humor is definitely low brow and one might have to be in the right mood to endue it, but this movie hit me at the perfect time and I found myself chuckling non-stop from start to finish.

Fans of TIM & ERIC’S AWESOME SHOW GREAT JOB is the target audience for NINJA BADASS. Like TIM & ERIC, NINJA BADASS is filled with rudimentary animations, cheesy explosions, and bizarre characters doing oddball things. In the midway point of the film, the bad guy Big Twiddy rips Rex’s heart out and replaces it with a puppy. Why? No clue. But it’s weird and funny as hell.

Why am I reviewing NINJA BADASS if I cover horror? Well, the carnage in NINJA BADASS is legendary. Heads explode, chests burst open, puppies are eaten, arms are ripped from their sockets. It’s a battle royale filled with the gnarliest of amateur fight scenes. Sure, not one martial art is represented properly in NINJA BADASS, but that’s all part of the fun. Don’t expect to learn any new ninja moves from this film. Do expect to laugh a lot. Simply the way Rex screams “Ninjaaaaa!” every time he leaps into danger worked on me every time.

NINJA BADASS is a bit long. It runs about an hour and forty five minutes and I think that’s a bit overlnog for this type of film. Comedy like this should be in and out like a bandit and while I can’t think of any specific scenes that would have been fit to cut, a leaner edit might make the whole thing more digestible for most. Still, those looking for a new idiot protagonist to root for, look no further than writer/director/star Ryan Henderson. He’s a complete moron, but I couldn’t help but root for his moronic plan to come to pass. NINJA BADASS has rapid fire comic timing, inundating the viewer with one ludicrous image or line after another. If you take things too seriously, NINJA BADASS is the remedy. It’s bloody, violent, and all sorts of wrong. Highly recommended for lovers of goofy and gory cinema.

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