CALIBRE 9 (2011)

Directed by Jean-Christian Tassy
Written by Jean-Christian Tassy & Eric Cherrière
Starring Laurent Collombert, Nathalie Hauwelle, Phillippe Burel and Philippe Bussière
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CALIBRE 9 is a kinetic symphony of blood, bullets and mayhem. Much like RUN, LOLA, RUN, this film kicks off with a bang and keeps running up until the last frame. This is not a film for the weak at heart. It’s a full throttle shot of adrenaline in movie form. Though CALIBRE 9 could be categorized as an action film, the fantastic elements in it will appeal to fans of the horror genre.

The story focuses on a city planner named Yann who lives a banal existence. Sure, he lives comfortably, but his life and job are meaningless to him. We know this because he tells us this numerous times. After a shady business deal with an even shadier mayor goes wrong, Yann finds himself looking down the barrel of a shotgun. But have no fear, Yann has a handgun. But this is no normal handgun. This handgun is possessed by the spirit of a dead hooker and has the uncanny power to never run out of bullets and always hit its targets.

Sounds like a winning premise, huh? Well, it is!

CALIBRE 9 may not have the budget of some of your average Hollywood action flicks, but what it does have is the director’s frantically brilliant eye and vivid creativity. When the bullets start flying, the camera darts and swerves like a circus acrobat.

At times, this French film feels like it’s seen a whole lot of Guy Ritchie and Darren Aronofsky films. Occasionally the script is repetitious and derivative. But these are minor faults in an otherwise impressively agile and delightfully manic film. CALIBRE 9 is definitely a film worth seeking out from a filmmaker who is going to be a big name in action hopefully someday very soon.

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