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Directed by J.T. Seaton
Written by J.T. Seaton & Brad Hodson
Starring Peter Stickles, Michelle Tomlinson, Lynn Lowry

When I first heard of this film, I thought it was a documentary where a bunch of fans sat George A. Romero down and tried to get him to stop making zombie movies. I mean, did you see SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD? Peee-hewww!

GEORGE: A ZOMBIE INTERVENTION will definitely spark a chortle from the old funny bone. I like this new trend in zombie films which look past the initial outbreak and focus more on what happens next. Though looked at with rotting tongue planted into decayed cheek, GEORGE: A ZOMBIE INTERVENTION doesn’t bother with the outbreak, but rather the blasé way society has accepted the dead into the equation. In GEORGE, the zombies are more of an annoyance than anything, which in an absurd way is probably the way we would really all react to the zombie apocalypse if you think about it.

I laughed quite a bit at this offbeat comedy, which focuses on a group of friends who have gathered to confront George, who has become a zombie. The gore is splattery and over the top. Though the acting is somewhat amateurish and the movie takes on the joke a bit too long, I found it to be a fun indie treat that made me laugh more than moan at the jokes being told and played out.

This isn’t a barn-burner, but GEORGE: A ZOMBIE INTERVENTION has a lot of fun with a sub-genre that never fails to surprise me at how flexible it is. If you’re somewhat jaded at the inundation of zombie flicks to choose from these days, GEORGE: A ZOMBIE INTERVENTION is too–which is the reason why it’s so much fun.

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