Directed by Wong Ching-Po
Written by Wong Ching-Po, Leung Lai-Yin, Juno Mak Chun-Lung
Starring Juno Mak Chun-Lung, Sora Aoi, Lau Wing, Chin Siu-Ho, Tony Ho Wah-Chiu

REVENGE: A LOVE STORY is a patient and rather bittersweet romance about a simple chicken bun vendor and a special needs girl who meet and fall in love. Both are outcasts and neither understand or follow society’s rules. Very romantic, yes, but because of this naïveté, things go pear-shaped for the couple very quickly and the title of the film begins to make more sense.

Though this film starts out with an I SAW THE DEVIL vibe as what looks like a serial killer is seen attacking his victims within the first few seconds of REVENGE: A LOVE STORY, it quickly changes into something else. Wong Ching-Po shows a lot of restraint, relying on strong performances by his actors rather than gore and CG. Only at the end does he churn out the money shots with a careening car, which in itself is pretty well done.

Though this is more of a thriller romance than a straight up horror film, REVENGE: A LOVE STORY deals with more personal nightmares focusing on a couple who, despite all odds, attempt to be with one another. The film never gets overly sweet and has enough thrills along to way to keep those who avoid love stories invested as well. REVENGE: A LOVE STORY will definitely keep you on your toes and you’ll end up rooting for this “serial killer” by the end of the film after this harrowing tale of tragic love.

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