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Directed by Julian Gilbey
Written by Julian Gilbey & Will Gilbey
Starring Melissa George, Ed Speleers, Eamonn Walker
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Though this film sort of skirts on the edge of typical horror, there are enough vertigo terrors and diabolical bad guys to make A LONELY PLACE TO DIE fit into the genre.

One thing’s for sure, Melissa George is a badass. I’d back her against any five of today’s action movie stars in a heartbeat. The spunk and grit this woman had in this role was damn impressive. And though I’m sure there was some stuntwork done, it sure seemed like it was her getting the shit beat out of her and returning doubly in kind.

This is also an awesome highlight reel of the sheer kick-ass-ed-ness of Eamonn Walker, who plays a bounty hunter in search of a missing little girl (who is the center of attention of everyone in this film). Walker again displays restrained power with simple facial expressions and a dead serious stare. Karel Roden from HELLBOY does an amazing job as the go-between with the kidnappers, exuding an intensity few actors possess. The rest of the cast is fantastic too; from the frightened mountain climbers to the steely-eyed kidnappers, this is a film with a cast that ups the ante due to their presence.

A LONELY PLACE TO DIE is a wilderness terror flick centering on a group of mountaineers (led by Melissa George) who happen upon a little girl buried alive in the middle of the woods of the Scottish Highlands. Turns out she has been kidnapped and the kidnappers do everything in their power to keep her there, including plucking the mountaineers off with high-powered rifles. Add two tough as nails bounty hunters hired to bring in the girl and you have the makings of an old school thriller that relies on the environment to add to the tension in a manner you haven’t seen since NO WAY OUT. A LONELY PLACE TO DIE is an absolute masterpiece in wilderness thrills. Highly recommended to those who are sick of CGI and remember when all it took was a harsh environment and a cast of badasses to make a great film.

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