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Directed and written by Paul Dale.
Starring Manon Pages, Austin Naulty, Kenny Bellau, Sophia Brazda, Paul Dale, Charles Early, Austin Frosch, Sean Phelan, Carter Simoneaux
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As a small town in Louisiana prepares to have their annual Alligator Festival, a series of unexplained deaths lead investigators to believe there are alligators in the sewers that crawl up through the pipes and eat people ass first through their toilets. Only a sheriff, a scientist, and a hunter have what it takes to take on this crocodilian menace and save the city.

You’ve got to admire a film whose tagline is “Don’t Crap Alone!” SEWER GATORS is the best kind of low budget cinema. It is completely self-aware as to what it is, a spoof of ALLIGATOR which itself is a knockoff of JAWS. It references both films, mostly JAWS, but knows that it is being made by amateurs on a very low budget. It rolls with it and still manages to entertain nevertheless.

The real thing that saves SEWER GATORS is its extremely strong sense of humor. There are some very funny scenes and the cast, while most likely locals, have strong comic chops. Numerous times, I found myself laughing at the low fi attempts at scares that are so obviously bad CG or rubber alligators you find at your local beach shop. Though the quality of the alligator effects might be low, the comedy level is higher than it should be. While the film borrows from JAWS and ALLIGATOR almost beat for beat, but even though I have seen and love these films deeply, I still managed to find the homages and out and out lifts from those films to be charming and even clever at times.

So while it might be a lackluster horror movie with goofy scares and effects, I found SEWER GATORS to be a high quality comedy spoof that will entertain those who love those monster movies of yesteryear and don’t take the genre too seriously. Loosen up and you’ll laugh your tail off at SEWER GATORS!

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