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Directed by Paul Morrell
Written by Derrick Bishop
Starring Meredith Laine, Linda Bella and Allison Ochmanek
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This is an ambitious low budgeter that wants to be a cross between SCREAM and HOSTEL, but the final product doesn’t quite match the effort put into it. FILTH TO ASHES FLESH TO DUST starts ominously with a trio of women chained in a dirty room. After a pair escapes, we skip forward a year to a group of ridiculously good-lookings who really serve as nothing but fodder for our killer to perish in no particular order. The young high school kids, who look a bit old for their roles, aren’t particularly likable in that they fight with one another constantly. Soon, the kids run into the same killer from the beginning of the movie who we find out to be named Filth to Ashes. Not much is explained about our killer other than the fact that he wants to off our group of Hollywood star-hopefuls, who spend a lot of time delivering stiff and overly written lines.

The folks behind this film are trying really hard and it shows. The production values of the movie are pretty good. The kills are creative and inspired given the obvious lower budget, and they tried to add depth to both the characters and the killer. Problem is, the killer in FILTH TO ASHES FLESH TO DUST is not that distinguishable from your typical skinhead in army gear and a wife beater and the cast is pretty unlikable in that a) they are all too good looking and b) they shart out lines with little or no emotion.

I think the makers of this film have potential. With a better cast, I think this film could have been much more effective. The inspired kills and decent camera work prove the filmmakers have talent. I hope the next time the makers of FILTH TO ASKED FLESH TO DUST make a horror film they try to cast for talent and not looks. The pretty faces kill a lot of potential this film had going for it.

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