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Directed by Stacy Davidson
Written by Stacy Davidson & Ted Geoghegan
Starring Ashley Kay, Peyton Wetzel, Melanie Donihoo, Danielle Jones, Julin, & Jeremy Sumrall
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There’s nothing wrong with punks and goths. I call some of them friends. I hang out at the same bars they do occasionally. I like the same music and movies. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’d make the best filmmakers, though. SWEATSHOP is not a horrible film. I’ve seen worse. It just feels a lot like a bunch of friends who hang out at the same bar decided to drop a few grand and make a film. On the up side, this is a brutal film with practical effects that are better produced and more disgusting than most I’ve seen recently.

Problem is, a lot of the folks in this film are non-actors, so in between these moments of utterly gut-wrenching gore, we have to put up with flat deliveries from apathetic and bored amateur thespians. Most of the goth girls are hot to look at and when they break out into impromptu dance numbers, the chicks in torn fishnets and leather are most definitely tantalizing. But again, just when the loins are stimulated, they start to talk again.

SWEATSHOP is about a group of kids who break into a warehouse in the hopes to have a party there (think RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD—a classic this film wants to be soooooooo badly), but what they don’t know is that there’s a psycho beast with claws and a man-monster with a cinder-block on a stick living there. The rest of the film depicts all of the kids dying painfully and gruesomely at the hands of the two killers. If not for the moments of dialog in between, this would be a fantastic film. As is, it’s an inspiring highlight reel for blood and grue. Just have the fast forward button ready to speed up the parts in between the killings and you might dig it.

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