Directed by Jarred Alterman
Starring Geraldine Zwanikken, Louis Zwanikken, and Christiaan Zwanikken
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Occasionally I come across a film that doesn’t necessarily fit into the genre of horror, but contain elements that I think are weird enough for horror fans to enjoy. CONVENTO is such a film: a documentary about a family of artists, two sons and a mother, who live in an abandoned Dutch convent. Geraldine, the matriarch, is a former ballerina and takes care of her two sons; Louis, who loves to take care of animals; and Christiaan, who makes artistic moving sculptures out of animal carcasses and machine parts. Sound interesting? Yeah, I know. It is.

While the pace is somewhat slow, I found the content of this gorgeously filmed documentary to be a fantastic break from the usual gore and terror I usually subject myself to. Known as kinetic art, Christiaan’s mechanical sculptures are fascinating in that they actually move and make sounds in a manner that I simply can’t explain. Director Jarred Alterman focuses mainly on Christiaan’s art in this film, but the entire family is fascinating in the way they live and interact with one another. At center stage, though, is Christiaan’s surreal creations full of bones, fur, feathers, gears and wires.

Again, if you’re a hardcore horror fan in search of a typical slash and scare flick, this won’t be for you. But if you’re looking for more cerebral thrills that walk on the fringe of fine art, CONVENTO is a film that shows horrific imagery in an absolutely beautiful light.

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