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Directed by Dale Fabrigar.
Written by Tricia Aurand, Suzanne DeLaurentiis, Sandy Lo.
Starring Sasha Anne, Evan Adams, Anthony Jensen, Madison Ekstrand, Julia Kelly, Lanett Tachel, Clint Carmichael, Giovannie Espiritu, Joseph Almani, Catherine Healy, Christopher M. Dukes, Matthew Payne, & the one and only, Joe Estevez

After a mysterious mobile home wreck occurred on a camping trip in the area known as Reed’s Point in New Jersey, Sarah (Sasha Anne) and her friend Alex (Evan Adams) were the only survivors. Sarah’s cousin and Alex’s girlfriend Kelsey (Madison Ekstrand) went missing after the crash and both are haunted by her disappearance. This leads the pair to return to Reed’s Point, a location haunted by the legendary Jersey Devil and something even worse than that, Joe Estevez!

REED’S POINT is a rather forgettable cryptid creature feature that gets points for using the seldom-used Jersey Devil rather than Bigfoot. There have been films that feature the Jersey Devil such as THE BARRENS, THE LAST BROADCAST, and of course the BAD BEN series, but he is a monster hasn’t seen a lot of play in cinema. That said, REED’S POINT’s Jersey Devil looks more like a cross between a Bigfoot and a Wendigo rather than the more-familiar horse-faced demon visage. I do like the way this Jersey Devil moves as it kind of tumbles towards its intended prey, which does end up being disturbing.

That’s pretty much the best I can do in terms of praise for REED’S POINT. The film really is kind of a hodge-podge between a cryptid film and a generic Texas Chainsaw killer family flick. I usually have a soft spot for killer family movies, as well as cryptids creature features, but there really isn’t much creativity in making either distinct or unusual. The killers are rather dull and feel almost unmotivated at doing their jobs of simply being crazy. The role of the family and how it factors into some kind of feud with Sarah’s family is equally vague and pointless. There are seeds of interesting ideas, it’s just that the film really doesn’t go for it in terms of giving this expansive cast anything interesting to do or personalities to do it with. By the time of the climax, people are just running around and getting shot or eaten by the Jersey Devil and each death occurs in an interchangeably, uneventful manner.

The acting it’s great either. The two leads, Sasha Anne and Evan Adams are the best of the bunch, but working with the nonplussed cast doesn’t do anything for their performances. REED’S POINT gets points for telling a tale of a different cryptid, but the lack of enthusiasm permeates the cast and writing of this by the numbers and easily forgettable film. Forgettable, that is, except for Joe Estevez, whose frantic role as a Crazy Ralph type is so unbelievably bad, it’s utterly entertaining. Had REED’S POINT leaned into the nuttiness of Estevez’s line delivery, there might have been a train-wreck style charm to the film, but no dice.

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