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Directed by Dan Riddle.
Written by Greg Shouse.
Starring Stephen Brodie, Cassie Shea Watson, Tom Proctor, Patricia Rae, Sawyer Bell, Lourelle Jensen, Daniel Escudero, Aubrey Dupre, Martin Ezelle, James Logan

When the Peroni family moves back into the childhood home of husband Kent (Stephen Brodie), they begin experiencing strange phenomena, all occurring after his grandfather (Tom Proctor) kills himself and a mysterious sinkhole opens up in their backyard. As the strange encounters escalate, the family begins to realize something that cannot be explained is going on.

While there’s nothing particularly wrong with it, THE LAST POSSESSION’s biggest flaw is that it is all together your typical haunted house movie. There’s the happy new family moving in. The house with a secret. The kids screaming about moving shadows and objects in the middle of the night. The nightmares. The escalation of paranormal activity and so on. The film follows the POLTERGEIST format from beginning to end without much deviation.

While it doesn’t get much points for originality, it does go through the motions of a haunted house film pretty well. The acting is above par with this type of film. The scares work decently with some decent leads in that build tension and the occasional jump scare or disturbing image. Everything is done almost as if it were following a textbook on how to make a haunted house movie.

Turns out there is a twist in the end, but I feel it occurs almost too late in the game to factor in as making THE LAST POSSESSION feel distinct. I like the twist. I won’t reveal it. But it does make this particular haunting different from most. I think had there been more hints as to what was going on and what the nature of the disturbance was, the film might have made more of an impact for me. The last minute reveal is a whopper and changes the whole perspective of the film, but comes way too late in the game. If you’re looking for a capable haunted house films, there are definitely worse ones out there than THE LAST POSSESSION. Stick with it til the end for the best part, but I doubt most will do so because everything feels extremely familiar leading up to it.

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