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Directed by Alexandra Senza.
Written by Jennifer Mancini.
Starring Annie Tuma, Ariana Marquis, Jamar Adams Thompson, Jane Siberry, Fox Kent, Leanne Ofori-Atta’, Caroline Raynaud

Delfi (Ariana Marquis) has been plagued with mental illness, nightmares, visions, and a general sense of unease for as long as her sister Andra (Annie Tuma), an aspiring psychology student, can remember. When Delfi’s visions guide them to a spiritualist, both sisters are thrown into a world of dark magic and evil spirits.

FLEE THE LIGHT feels like a horror movie made by people who don’t really understand or like horror movies. It’s not scary. It’s not original. It’s basically a story about two sisters coping with mental illness thinly veiled as evil spirits. The film has the look and feel of a Lifetime movie, focusing mainly on the relationship between the sisters and the troubles they face finding their destined paths. That doesn’t mean this is a bad movie. It’s just a bad horror movie or more succinctly, a movie horror fans really aren’t going to be very impressed with.

The acting is quite good from the two leads Marquis and Tuma. Both are extremely likable and capable of bearing extreme emotion with ease. Both have a charm to them that leads me to believe they’ll definitely have a career in acting after this movie. Marquis is able to convey a likability in her bright smile, even though she spends most of the film hysterical. Tuma conveys quite a bit of strength, yet is still able to burden the weight of her madness well. Both actresses are exceptional, better than the movie they’re in.

As I said earlier, the scares are simply limp and the effects aren’t much better as the possessed don ill fitting monster teeth and bad CG shadow veins on the sisters’ skin and smoke. I didn’t hate my experience with FLEE THE LIGHT. It has a pair of actresses in it that I can’t wait to see in better things. But I can’t recommend this movie other than as a highlight reel for Marquis and Tuma’s talent and likability.

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