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Directed by Scott Jeffrey, Rebecca Matthews.
Written by Matthew B.C., Jeff Miller.
Starring Robert Bronzi, Steven Berkoff, Simon Furness, Adrienne Grant, Levi Liston, Anna Liddell, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Elizabeth McNally, Nicole Nabi, Ben Parsons, Tristan Pegg, Nicola Wright, Chrissie Wunna
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EXORCIST VENGEANCE opens with hard-edged priest Father Jozsef (Robert Bronzi) tracking down a sinner and blowing off his knees with a giant revolver before he is carted away by the cops. Some time later, Bishop Canelo (played by the big bad from RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II and BEVERLY HILLS COP Steven Berkoff) calls upon Jozsef to perform an exorcism because he is the best there is at exorcizing, I guess. This brings Jozsef to a household plagued by a demon who has taken residence one of the family members. While some of the family doubt Jozsef’s mad holy skills, he soon proves to them that he is the only hope for the family’s survival against this dark and evil force.

Robert Bronzi bares a fair resemblance to Charles Bronson and has been milking that for all its worth for the last few years in low fi horror and action films such as DEATH KISS, CRY HAVOC, and ESCAPE FROM DEATH BLOCK 13. While Bronson actually had a lot of acting chops, he often simply relied on being stoic, letting his cold demeanor say a thousand words. His career was long with many levels, but his most famous were the DEATH WISH movies which relied on the amount of firepower and not the power of his acting chops. Bronzi is able to ape that stoic and silent killer style to a tee as long as he’s not saying anything. If you squint, it’s almost like Bronson is still alive and kicking ass for the lord in EXORCIST VENGEANCE.

The thing is, I’ve experienced much worse exorcist rip-offs than EXORCIST VENGEANCE and found Bronzi brandishing firearms against the devil to be quite entertaining. It’s low fi, for sure, but the film actually sports a talented cast that are able to blanket the rough acting coming from Bronzi. It was pretty awesome to see that Steven Berkoff is still alive and still quite menacing as the Bishop, even though his character isn’t really meant to play that way. And while the actors making up the family aren’t big names, they convey the amount of emotion and drama necessary, specifically Sarah Alexandra Marks whose Rebecca is the only member of the family who believes in Bronzi. The acting definitely elevates an otherwise cliched possession plot.

Expect the usual Christ compellings and women tied to bedposts here. It was fun to see Bronzi backslapping the possessed with a bible as if it were a bag of coins. The effects are decent and there does seem to be some money put into lighting and camerawork. This is not a great film at all, but if you’re looking for that lost film where Charles Bronson plays an exorcist and saves a family from the devil, this film where Robert Bronzi plays an exorcist and saves a family from the devil is a worthy substitute.

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