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This Week in Comic Book Horror, December 8, 2021!
WOLVENHEART #9 (Mad Cave Studios) Story by Mark London with art by Alejandro Giraldo.
CRIMSON CAGE #1 (Artisans, Writers, and Artists Inc./AWA) Story by John Lees with art by Alex Cormack.
LUNAR ROOM #1 (Vault Comics) Story by Danny Lore with art by Giorgia Sposito.
VAMPIVERSE #4 (Dynamite Entertainment) Story by Tom Sniegoski, Jeannine Acheson with art by Daniel Maine.
WITCHBLOOD #9 (Vault Comics) Story by Matthew Erman with art by Lisa Sterle.
NYX #2 (Dynamite Entertainment) Story by Christos Gage with art by Marc Borstel.
TALES OF MOTHER F. GOOSE #1 (AfterShock Comics) Story by Frank Tieri with art by Joe Eisma.
BUFFY THE LAST VAMPIRE SLAYER #1 (BOOM Studios) Story by Casey Gilly with art by Joe Jaro.
THE DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE: BLADE #1 (Marvel Comics) Story by Danny Lore with art by Dylan Burnett.
THE SWAMP THING #10 (DC Comics) Story by Ram V. with art by Mike Perkins.
THE SILVER COIN #7 (Image Comics) Story by Ram V. with art by Michael Walsh.

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