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Directed & written by Christopher Alexander.
Starring Ali Chappell, Brandy Dawley.
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After finding an antique phone on a beach, a young woman (Brandy Dawley) begins getting calls from the unconnected phone and seeing a woman in black (Ali Chappell) in her home. All of which wearing on her already fragile sanity.

Experimental filmmaker Chris Alexander seems to be churning out films like hotcakes these days. I just reviewed SPACE VAMPIRE last week, and this week he has another film, IT KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE, coming out from Full Moon Pictures. Full Moon has expanded on their usual output of weed humor themed horrors and it’s an expansion for the better as Alexander definitely has a unique eye for making surreal and experimental journeys into darkness. While his films are often with very little dialog, they capture all kinds of bizarre imagery and chilling moods. IT KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE offers up long silences and closeups of the beautiful cast consisting of only two actors (Chappell and Dawley). Both do a decent job of bringing this simple story of a haunted phone to life, though most of the time they are just required to stare and move around as if they were sleepwalking.

Haunting images and trance-like music are ahead for you if you take a chance with IT KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE. Alexander continues to tell brief but potent stories that exude dark feelings and moods rather than definite stories. Running a little short of an hour, IT KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE is a trippy and haunting low budget nightmare from a trailblazer in experimental horror.

It’s not going to be for everyone, but if you’re a fan of Jess Franco’s moody and weird films, you’re the right fit for IT KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE.

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