Newly restored on Blu-ray/DVD from MVD Video/Unearthed FIlms!

HANGER (aka WIRED, 2009)

Directed by Ryan Nicholson.
Written by Ryan Nicholson, Patrick Coble.
Starring Debbie Rochon, Dan Ellis, Nathan Dashwood, Ronald Patrick Thompson, Lloyd Kaufman, Wade Gibb, Alastair Gamble, Candice Lewald, Nadia Grey, Stephanie Walker, Randy Jones, Rochelle Lynn-Jones, Susan Arum, Wayne Phillips, Michelle Grady, and Ra-da-tat-tat the Dumpster Rat!

From the makers of the truly abhorrent GUTTERBALLS comes the ultra-exploitative exploitation flick, HANGER. When a prostitute named Rose (Debbie Rochon) gets pregnant, her psycho pimp Leroy (Ronald Patrick Thompson) performs a back-alley abortion on her weeks before the baby comes to term. But 18 years later, we find that the aborted baby grows up to be a deformed outcast named Hanger (Nathan Dashwood) and with his estranged father known only as “The John” (Dan Ellis), he sets out to take vengeance on Leroy and any of the goons and street lowlifes that get in their way.

In a world of political correctness and cancel culture, it’s almost refreshing to see a film as morally wrong as HANGER. If there is an offensive act, this film does it. And while this film was made in a different age—2009, which feels like a billion years ago, I’ll bet HANGER still would have made people wince back then. This one has forced abortions, pimp-slapping, colostomy bag force-feeding, wound-sexing, roofying, painful Asian caricatures, racist dialog, menstruation, misogynistic themes, murder, rape, defamation of corpses, mutilation, tons of nudity, masturbation, penis mutilation, vaginal mutilation, farting torture, Lloyd Kaufman in drag, and some extremely good gross-out effects and facial appliances. So basically, yeah. This isn’t a film for the sensitive types.

Debbie Rochon is good for the short moments she in this one. And Dan Ellis does a great job under tons of latex makeup as the John. Still, this is a rough tale of vengeance. Sort of a mean-spirited TOXIC AVENGER. I couldn’t stomach the depths GUTTERBALLS sunk to, but HANGER seems to be a skosh more watchable. Still, this was a rough one for me to endure. Warts and all, this Unearthed re-release of HANGER looks great. It’s got a ton of extra features with behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with the cast and crew, blooper reels, and the like. I know there are some gruesome gore-heads out there that love this stuff. So dig into the wrongness. If any of the above-mentioned descriptors trigger you, it might be a wise decision to steer clear.

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