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Directed and written by Mykee Morettini.
Starring Dylan Mars Greenberg, Corrinne Mica, Mykee Morettini, Brian Harmony, Jamie Lee Cortese, Jared Walker, Leland Masek, Peter Dorman, Harley Hyde, Patrick Acello, Glenn Ohman, Leonardo Jiménez, Jessica Rabid, Ryan Kirby, Carolyn Hansen, John Davies
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Two years after a serial killer who murdered an entire high school class in alphabetical order was defeated, a new evil arises in the quiet midwestern town of Lake Bluff, Illinois murdering another group of kids for specific reasons. Can the one man able to defeat the last evil stand a chance against this new horror?

EVIL EVERYWHERE is a throwback DIY horror film in the best of ways. While rudimentary effects and acting is abundant, there is a sheer joy of making movies and specifically making horror movies that you can’t help but find love for while watching this film. Those making the film are in on the joke that this is bad movie making, but are never hammy or over the top about it. Everyone is playing it straight and seemingly having a blast with it. There’s just a general joy of filmmaking that you just don’t see in films made with 1000 times the budget.

The story is pretty simple. Something is killing people and the frizzy haired antagonist from the original (Mykee Morettini) is back to take it on. But though this is a possession movie, it pretty much follows the slasher movie format with a killing every three to five minutes, resulting in a decent bodycount. While the effects are Do It Yourself all the way, they are quite impressive. A gal bleeds from her eyes in an animated fade sequence. There’s a pretty brutal stabbing and a gory eye gouging. And the animated eye glow that tells you who is possessed at that given moment is charming and effectively creepy.

I love no budget horror because you can see the seams and zippers. The movie magic is there, but it is the type of magic where you can see the amateur magician do his sleight of hand in a little bit clumsier way. The charm to that fills my cold dead heart. EVIL EVERYWHERE is trying to build a universe with this film and the short film that predates it called PAURA TUTTO (watch it here!) and while it may not have the glitz of the MCU, I found it just as fun. Fans of DIY horror are in for a treat with this quirky, low budget precious gem.

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