Here’s what’s new and notable this week (May 26, 2021) in Comic Book Horror!

TROGS #1 (American Mythology Productions) Story and art by Rich Bonk.
DAMNED CURSED CHILDREN #5 (Source Point Press) Story by Howard Wong and art by Robin Simon Ng.
BLACK FRIDAY #2 (Scout Comics) Story by Jon Clark and art by Travis Williamson.
CULT OF DRACULA #3 (Source Point Press) Story by Rich Davis and art by Henry Martinez.
TWO MOONS #4 (Image Comics) Story by John Arcudi and art by Bill Crabtree and Valerio Giangiordano.
SHADOWMAN #2 (Valiant) Story by Cullen Bunn and art by Jon Davis-Hunt.
HAHA #5 (Image Comics) Story by W. Maxwell Prince and art by Gabriel Walta.
SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN #16 (BOOM Studios) Story by James Tynion III and art by Werther Dell’edera.
ALIEN #3 (Marvel Comics) Story by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and art by Salvador Larroca.

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