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MORGUE (2019)

Directed and written by Hugo Cardozo.
Starring Pablo Martínez, Francisco Ayala, María del Mar Fernández, Abel Martínez, Raúl Rotela, Willi Villalba, Aldo Von Knobloch

Pablo Martinez plays Diego, security guard is assigned to watch over the morgue in the basement of a hospital. Unfamiliar with this type of work, Diego is understandably spooked. It doesn’t help that the stranger he hit with his car the night before is the only body in the morgue that night. A mountain of guilt, an overactive imagination, and a little supernatural serendipity is going to make Diego’s first night a living hell.

MORGUE would make for a stronger short segment in an anthology. The runtime is pretty quick at an hour twenty, but even then it feels as if the film really padded itself out to make it that long. MORGUE does a decent job setting up one tense scene after another as Diego fumbles around in the dark, but the film tends to set up its tense scenes in a similar fashion making it feel repetitious by the time it all comes to an end. Even though the end is quite predictable, I still found myself entertained because writer/director Hugo Cardozo sets these scenes up in a capable and suspenseful way, utilizing darks and a very low amount of light to really amp up the horror of Diego’s unfortunate situation. The abandoned hospital at night is always a great place to set a spooky movie and it works as a fun setting for Diego to wander around in.

Martinez plays a likable loser type who doesn’t seem to catch a break and doesn’t deserve the horror he is put through. His good-naturedness helped me invest in his plight and hope for the best, even though it is pretty evident the worst was going to happen. In the end, I felt MORGUE was a harmless, time-waster of a film. I’m not mad at myself for sitting through it. The scares and thrills were there, it’s just that the film itself feels overextended to make feature length.

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