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Directed & written by Brandon Bassham.
Starring Anna Callegari, Samantha Reece Schecter, Elyse Brandau, Lily Du, Dana Clinkman, Patrick Foy, Billy Bob Thompson, Langan Kingsley, Dan Hodapp, Dan Chamberlain, Frank Garcia-Hejl, Amber Sophia Nelson, Jim Santangeli, Jesse VandenBergh
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THE SLASHENING is a spoof on 80’s horror slumber party films and while the budget is low, the amount of solid laughs is high. The premise is as simple as the premise of the films THE SLASHENING is mocking; a young girl named Lucy (Anna Callegari) is heartbroken about her breakup with her boyfriend, so her best friend Margot (Samantha Reece Schecter), her goody two shoes chum Eva (Lily Du), her freshly out of rehab buddy Beth (Dana Clinkman) and slutty gal-pal Ashley (Elyse Brandau) decide to throw a slumber party to cheer her up. As the antics begin, of course some boys show up, but so does a killer who murders anyone who comes near the party and then moves on to take care of the party guests. But the power of friendship is tough, and the slasher has his work cut out for him.

This is a goofy film. Not heavy on gore or nudity, but high on laughs. The writing is witty and self-referential. The actors all have their specific quirks and most of them feel as if they are from some kind of improve sketch group—the same improve group most likely because the strength of this wonky film is the way these actors interact with one another. There’s a real charm to everyone involved. But while there is not a lot of blood, boobs, and gore, there is a lot of really great added bits that made me laugh out loud consistently through this one. The soundtrack in particular is great as it is all original music mocking the girl-power rock ballads of Taylor Swift, Adele, and their ilk. The lyrics are pretty hilarious in that they are not far off from the real songs of these artists taken to a slightly more ludicrous level. The music pops up at random times in this film, which makes you really want to listen to this one. There’s also a weird sound effect every time the slasher kills that sounds like someone muttering inaudible whispers which are a little creepy.

THE SLASHENING is not an over-the-top gore fest comedy like DUDE BRO PARTY MASSACRE II, but it does have the same rapid fire comedic pace as that film. If you’re a fan of the slasher genre, you’re going to laugh hard at the funhouse mirror THE SLASHENING holds up to those types of films.

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