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Directed by Marc Fehse.
Written by Marc Fehse, Carsten Fehse, A.D. Morel
Starring Thomas Morris, Barbara Nedeljakova, Eva Habermann, Oliver Kalkofe, Michaela Schaffrath, Amanda Bearse, Naomi Grossman, Tony Todd, Lar Park Lincoln, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Robert LaSardo, Dave Sheridan, Lynn Lowry, Mick Garris
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An excursion into the arctic awakens a secret Nazi plan which has been dormant since WWII—zombie soldiers riding flying sharks. If only they had perfected this death weapon back then, they surely would have won that war, but that’s not stopping long-thought-dead Nazi forces from rising up and taking over the airways. With the world on the brink of despair, it’s up to one former Nazi scientist and his two buxom daughters to figure out a way to take out these flying toothy monstrosities.

This is a dumb movie. But I have to say, it is a fun dumb movie. While it appears this might have been something set up for the SyFy Network, the abundance of nudity and gore contradict what you usually see from the relatively tame channel. For some reason, everyone has a vague German accent. Even some of the American actors like FRIGHT NIGHT’s Amanda Bearse has a German accent for some reason. But because so much is going on from beginning to end, I can’t say I was bored with this film. It understood why people would even take a chance on this film by incorporating some gratuitous gore or even more gratuitous nudity about every two to three minutes. While I usually prefer a bit more depth to my horror, I didn’t mind this brainless romp because the quality of the CG gore and the plastic surgeried boobs are well done all the way through.

I do think SKY SHARKS makes the mistake of taking itself a bit too seriously. The film clocks in at about an hour and a half with some teasers at the end (featuring more gore and boobs) making it closer to an hour and forty minutes. I think a film of this sort should be short and sweet and not overstay its welcome. During the third or forth flashback info dump, I have to say, despite the gore and boobs, I was getting pretty weary of the concept. This would have been a highly enjoyable, sleazy gorefest had they lopped off about twenty minutes of exposition and CG future landscapes. Keep the gore and the boobs, just shave off some of the long info drops. What’s funny is that the film goes into all of this detail about how the zombies are created, utilizing historical references to every war since World War II, but there is next to nothing explaining how they get the sharks to breathe out of water, let alone fly. The CG is surprisingly good, and the gore is rendered in a wickedly gleeful way.

This is a movie about zombies riding sharks attacking airplanes filled with some genre celebs like Robert LaSardo, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART IV THE NEW BLOOD’s Lar Park Lincoln, Tony Todd, among others popping in simply to get torn asunder by these toothy invaders. Also, there’s boobs. Lots of boobs. If that description made you giggle a little, this is the type of movie for you.

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