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Directed & Written by Joshua Reale
Starring Brandy Cihocki, Lillian Colvin, Natalie Colvin, Nathan Faudree, Cassandra Hayes, Shain Hence, Moe Isaac, Eric Mikuta, Keilen Mosher
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As a deadly plague spreads across the country turning people into zombies, a junkie named Scag (Moe Isaac) goes on a drug-fueled rampage attacking anyone left alive. With zombies banging on the doors outside and Scag rummaging around the ruins of an old warehouse, a few survivors attempt to survive and protect a young child unaffected by the plague.

NECROPATH is a film that powers forward from moment one as we are introduced to the wretched Scag who shoots up with whatever drug he finds and can barely form a complete sentence. He is not unlike the mindless zombies that roam the streets and while they seem fueled by a hunger to take a bite out of anything, Scag seems propelled by an urge to destroy and steal so he can get more drugs to shoot into himself. It’s a dirty and grimy tale, but one that feels like some real thought was put into its making. Basically, the film is a mad dash from beginning to end with the protagonist dying and passing the torch (or the baby, in this case) to the next person in hopes to save its life. This makes for a hectic and exciting film that never slows down until the very dark and nihilistic end.

While I think this is a compelling way to tell a story, I do feel that because there is so little dialog and such a rapid pace, it does get rather repetitive and feel overlong. The film only clocks in at an hour and a half, but I think that a good twenty minutes could be knocked off and I think a lot of the issues could have been rectified. Filmmaker Joshua Reale amps up quite a few scenes of a zombie or our man Scag creeping up on a survivor only for something else to happen to save the survivor or distract the zombie or Scag. It happens over and over again and I feel a lot of it could have been sacrificed to make things more watchable.

That said, this is a gritty and grimy film that isn’t afraid to get its toes in the muck. The effects are pretty solid featuring some really gnarly drug use scars, blisters, and pustules. Scag is a disgusting, but interesting character to follow. While the script is scant and the plot is bare bones, those looking for a film that never lets up its staggering pace and will drag you through the dirt, NECROPATH delivers.

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