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Directed & written by Darcy Weir
Starring Stephen Bassett, Jaime Maussan

Darcy Weir, who helmed SASQUATCH AMONG WILDMEN (which I reviewed a while back), returns with a new hour-long doc about the connection between volcanic activity and UFO’s. Weir interviews Stephen Bassett, a political activist on the disclosure of UFO evidence as well as Latin American reporter Jaime Maussan who has documented numerous sightings about this phenomenon and what it could mean.

Along with Bigfoot, I want to believe in UFO’s and I feel there is much more credible evidence of UFO existence than the big hairy guy. People are still going to scoff at the idea of UFO’s, even though there have been so much evidence to the contrary. Even I thought it seems a bit of a stretch to connect UFO’s with volcanoes, but after seeing the videos, it does seem that there’s something there.

It seems there has been a flurry of UFO activity around volcanoes in Latin America. The doc shows quite a few unexplained and unidentified objects hovering around, diving into, and bursting out of active volcanoes as well as ones that soon become active. Theories abound about why they are there. Could they be using the volcanoes as a source of energy? Could the UFO’s be activating these volcanoes? Or are they somehow dampening its effects? No one knows, but despite the questionable reasons behind the phenomenon, the videos don’t lie. I immediately assumed we were going to see weird saucer shaped objects bursting out among the lava from the volcanoes, misidentified objects that are most likely debris. But the footage itself is quite compelling. It shows objects moving on their own path around the volcano, sometimes entering and exiting clouds of smoke and ash that would be too harsh for any man-made craft to survive, yet it chugs right through.

Bassett provides some interesting food for thought as to why the UFO’s are being more prominent in recent years touting the theory that we have consumed so much of Earth and directed our societies so close to war with world-breaking weapons that other forces have been sent to intervene. Bassett thinks they have come to warn us that we are veering towards extinction and have no choice but to intervene to save the world we live on. It’s an interesting theory. Not one that shows much faith in humanity, but who’s to say it’s true or not?

It’s hard not to agree after seeing these videos that something wonky is going on. I don’t know what it is, but I had fun watching these strange videos of even stranger objects lingering about volcanoes. And while this documentary is not going to solve the mystery, it does provide some quite compelling food for thought.

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