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FIRST BITE (short film, 2020)

Directed and written by Vincenzo Nappi
Starring Catherine Saindon, Hana Kashaf, Martin Kramer
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FIRST BITE takes place mainly in a women’s restroom at a metal concert with its central character (Catherine Saindon) barfing her guts out. Turns out she hasn’t been able to keep any food down in days.

FIRST BITE is a breezy, but wicked short film that manages to tell a story with very little words or action. Most of the runtime lingers on the lead spewing in an uncleaned toilet bowl, which makes for a rather gnarly watch for those who might get queasy at that sort of thing. But there is a story under all of that retching to be told.

The payoff might be predictable to those who know the horror genre, but it’s an ending done well. Clsing with a punchline that’s sure to cause a laugh. FIST BITE makes this simple scene a vivid watch with some solid camerawork, decent acting, and a truly grimy environment.

It looks like this short film has been making the rounds at the fests and it just recently was released online (watch it below!).

Check out the short film right here!!