Hey folks, self promo time.

This week marked the long-awaited release of PIROUETTE, a unique circus horror comic book I wrote featuring Carlos Granda’s amazing artwork, Champe Ramirez’ luscious colors, Jim Campbell’s fantastic lettering, and the post-production by Matteo Pizzolo and Phil Smith is the cherry on top of this collection of never before published issues. The story is about a young clown named Pirouette who wants desperately to have a different life than the one she currently lives. She wants to fly. She wants to be on the trapeze. She wants to be anywhere but the circus. She feels her life is being wasted as a clown, though she plays the part extremely well. When she gets word that there might be hope in the next town down the road, she gives it her all to make a change. While this is a tragic story, I hope this book makes you identify with our heroine and root for her to achieve her dreams.

If you haven’t taken a chance and checked out the book, maybe the kind words of some of these critics will change your mind;

Theo Dwyer of Bleeding Cool says “Indeed, Miller and Granda are quite the team. Miller, an underrated writer, knows how to play with the format of comics to great effect, and those looking for an interesting read would be smart to give his Pirouette from Black Mask a shot.”

Comicon.com’s Rachel Bellwoar chooses PIROUETTE as her Pick of the Week and says “Miller’s dialogue frightens and crushes in equal measure.”

Ariel Baska of Comics Bookcase gives the book 9.7 out of 10 and says PIROUETTE has “some of the most deliciously-tense and hair-raising sequences I’ve read this year” and orders you to “Take in the dizzyingly gorgeous and grotesque artwork that fascinates in equal measure, and enjoy this beautiful story that is equal parts tragedy and horror, with the magic of the circus.”

Sean of Panel Patter chooses PIROUETTE as a highlight of the week.

Ceej at Big Comics Page gives PIROUETTE 4.5 out of 5 and says Blending what could potentially be seen as worn-out tropes into a fresh, chilling and visually stunning package, Pirouette is a nightmarish look at the world beneath the canvas of the big top through the eyes of a tragic-yet-remarkable young girl.

And Johnny “The Machine” Hughes of Comics Crusaders says “Overall, the scope of the art is staggering. Granda is helped out immensely by the colors of El Cómic En Línea Foundation who produce a quality of work that you would expect to see in something like The Doomsday Clock or Three Jokers; yes they are that good.” and gives the book 5 out of 5 stars!

If you are interested in checking out PIROUETTE, you can read the entire first issue for FREE here! And if you like what you see, please visit your local comic book store (use the Comic Shop Locator here) and ask them for your copy of PIROUETTE!

Thanks so much for letting me prattle on about my own comic and for all of the support. If you picked up PIROUETTE, let me know what you think of it down below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.