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Directed by Darcy Weir
Written by Darcy Weir
Starring Shane Corson, David Ellis, Lee Lustig, Jeffrey Meldrum, Derek Randles

Those who have followed my reviews for a while know that I want to believe in Bigfoot. I’m an avid viewer of Youtubers like the technically prolific Bigfoot Tony, Lynn Smith’s narrative eloquence in Bigfoot Case Files, the heart-warming open-mindedness of Al Truist, and of course, the peerless theories of Bob Gymlan, all of whom have dedicated their pages to dissecting evidence and presenting stories that leave it up to the viewer to decide for themselves if what we see is real or not. Just when I think it’s all a hoax, some new compelling story, piece of film, or bit of evidence shows up and I want it to be real. I’m a dreamer and I want to believe that there are things out there that we have yet to discover and some mysteries are still worth solving. If you feel the same, you’re in for a treat with SASQUATCH AMONG WILDMEN.

This hour and change long documentary is based on the thesis that there was no singular shift from ape to man with one species dominating the landscape as the sole hominid. It builds on the theory that throughout history, multiple stages of evolution functioned and lived among one another and therefore, it is quite possible that some kind of primitive Wildman is possible to exist right now alongside humans. This theory is supported by footprint casting, video evidence, sound samples, and nesting areas discovered in spots where a large bipedal primate has been reported. In other words, just as man and chimpanzee and ape all exist at the same time. It is also possible that across the world, primitive man could have evolved and survived.

The film supports the theory by talking with Bigfoot expert Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, the owner of the most extensive collection of bigfoot casting. Meldrum’s extensive research and belief that Bigfoot does exist is supported by extensive scientific knowledge about the structure of the human and ape feet. One of the more fascinating bits of the documentary has Meldrum explain the difference between how a human walks and how the foot would adapt to carrying such great size and weight on bare feet to create a similar but distinct foot structure seen in wildmen across the world. I was less intrigued by the nesting reports from the Olympic research project simply because nests really aren’t that exciting, though I understand why studying them is. The sound recording segment was extremely interesting as well, as comparisons between known ape sounds and unknown sounds from reported Bigfoot inhabited areas are made.

The documentary spices the science talk up with some interesting clips taken of amateur photographers who say that the blurry image in the frame is bigfoot. These clips are relatively new and quite compelling, though of course, do not offer any conclusive evidence given the shaky and blurry images. No conclusions are reached in SASQUATCH AMONG WILDMEN other than the fact that sighting of this creature occur around the world. If you’re an enthusiast, you’ll find this a fun watch and quite an informative one. If you don’t believe, you’ll find a lot to scoff at. Falling in between as I do, I found it to be a compelling doc worth checking out if you’ve left your mind open for the possibility of Bigfoot’s existence.

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