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Directed by Mark Polonia
Written by John Oak Dalton
Starring Titus Himmelberger, Natalie Himmelberger, Jennie Russo, Steve Diasparra, Jeff Kirkendall, Christopher Beacom, Yolie Canales, Todd Carpenter, Kate Farber, Dave Fife, Tim Hatch, Nicholas Olson, Wyatt Wood, Kathryn Sue Young
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When a severed head is found on a beach, the harbor patrol and a local psychiatrist want to find out what did it. Meanwhile, news of the finding of a sunken U-boat has lured in all kinds of treasure hunters in search of lost gold. When a UFO crashes in the harbor, they use mind control to turn sharks on the populace, but the sharks will be no pawns of the aliens and that leads to a good old sharks versus aliens showdown!

I wish this film were as epic as the poster suggests. But no…

…no it’s not.

Director Mark Polonia has churned out 60 movies and counting, including AMITYVILLE ISLAND, BIGFOOT VS. ZOMBIES, LAND SHARK, FEEDERS, and the CAMP BLOOD series—all of them DIY flicks that make most horror low budget films look like Shakespeare directed by Scorsese. Yes, SHARK ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND is a stinkeroni with extra cheese full of awkward pauses, uncomfortably long takes on ladies stripping down to their bikinis, vague science jargon, and the worst special effects you’re going to see as most of the shark attacks are either done by bad shark puppets or stock footage.

Still, the script occasionally dances around clever and in no way does this film attempt to take itself seriously. I actually laughed a bit at the hate banter spoken between the sharks and aliens as well as the rudimentary look of the sharks and the tech the aliens use to influence them. This one knows it’s bad and seems almost proud of it. For that, I found myself entertained. Do I feel smarter having seen SHARK ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND? Quite the opposite, but still, I can’t find it in me to hate it. I was surprised at how bad, yet watchable the final moments of this film were as the sharks turn on their alien overlords. Even though it combines two of my greatest fears and fascinations; sharks and UFO’s, SHARK ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND is still going to be a tough recommend to most besides those who love DIY and ultra-cheesy horror. This is beyond ScyFy Channel bad cinema, but I know there is an audience out there for this harmless, no-brainer, no-budget-style plopper.

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