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Directed by David Ryan Keith
Written by David Ryan Keith
Starring Mark Wood, Lisa Cameron, Lisa Livingstone, Rebecca Wilkie, Adam Coutts, Lee Hutcheon, Benjamin Selway
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While THE REDWOOD MASSACRE is pretty much a standard stalk and slasher, it does do the stalk and slash pretty well. The story centers on a group of kids who go into the woods for a camping trip to celebrate the anniversary of a mass murder of a family years before. Gruesome, yes, and not really cause for celebration, but the killer in the woods feels the same way as evidenced by the way he eviscerates them one by one.

The bad first—there is absolutely no reason for these kids to be together as most of them loathe one another. One of the campers used to date another and that camper brought his new girlfriend. There is not rational explanation this group would all be going to the same place and with everyone fighting with one another, it really makes all of the campers unlikable from the get go. I guess in this type of movie, which basically is a highlight reel of one gory Jason Voorhees like kill after another, we are supposed to root for the kids to die, but if you see any of the original slasher films, what made them stand out is that you actually rooted for the kids to live. Here, we want them to die, and thankfully, most of them do.

Now that the faulty set up has been discussed, I’ll get to the good. You can tell writer/director David Ryan Keith was mostly interested in the kills because they are the most interesting parts in the film. While the motivations of the killer range from pretty vague to nonsensical as he kills some on the spot while he chains up and tortures others for no real reason other than to do so, the kills themselves are actually pretty gruesome and horrifying. Gallons and gallons of thick goopy blood was used and the killer isn’t satisfied with whacking his victims ones and being done with it. Oh no. Here he’s got to hack and slash his way thought people over and over again, sending gobs of blood all over the place. The killer, who as I said is the Jason Voorhees type and even wears a bag over his face like Jason in F13Part2, is definity PO-ed, at something and his anger and rage is palpable in his gratuitous kills.

If you’re looking for a solid, straight up stalk and slash, THE REDWOOD MASSACRE definitely fits the bill and then some. Gorehounds will love it, and if you’re not the type to nitpick things like plot holes and lack of motivation, you’re bound to have a good time with this gory slasher yarn.

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