Hey folks, if you’re in the Chicago area and love horror, you really have no excuse not to go to the Music Box of Horrors at the Chi-Town Movies Drive-In for 31 nights of horror. Every night in October, they will be playing an exquisite set of horror films. Follow this link for showtimes, directions, tickets, and more info! This week’s offerings are pretty amazing. Let’s take a look at them.

Tonight on Sunday October 11th, they do Sequel Sundays and this time they’re playing PSYCHO III. While most horror films get worse as they go along, the PSYCHO series maintained a level of throughout the series. While it isn’t as dramatically heavy as PSYCHO II, PSYCHO III really did remind the masses in the eighties who did slashers first and best. This one not only has Anthony Perkins returning once again as Norman Bates. But he also brings genre-vet Jeff Fahey along as a skeezy drifter looking for work and Diana Scarwid as a nun on the run. This one’s got a higher body count than the previous PSYCHO’s, but maintains that level of intrigue and suspense.
Click here for the trailer for PSYCHO III!

Monday October 12th there’ll be a premiere of Ryan Spindell’s new anthology THE MORTUARY COLLECTION. I haven’t seen this one, but I have seen some of Spindell’s films in the past. I first crossed paths with Spindell when I saw his short film THE BABYSITTER MURDERS, which was all kinds of retro-slasher fun. THE MORTUARY COLLECTION is premiering on SHUDDER soon and stars Clancy Brown as a sinister mortician who acts as host for these terrifying tales. They really don’t make good anthologies anymore, and I’m really hoping THE MORTUARY COLLECTION is an anthology that goes down as a classic. Director Spindell will actually be there for a Q&A for the show!
Click here for the trailer for THE MORTUARY COLLECTION!

Tuesday October 13th brings us another double feature, two LA LLORONA films for the price of one! First the original 1933 classic from filmmaker Ramón Peón that also known as THE CRYING WOMAN. This is the first depiction of the weeping woman on screen—a rare treat for fans who have been scared by the urban legend for decades. They’re also playing the new politically charged supernatural thriller LA LLORONA by Jayro Bustamente. This one’s received critical acclaim all over the place. I haven’t seen either of these films, but they have to be better than that Blumhouse crap-fest from last year.
Click here for the trailer for LA LLORONA 2020!

On Wednesday October 14th, look out for werewolves and wheelchairs in Stephen King’s classic SILVER BULLET. This was one of my favorite werewolf films as a kid, mainly because of the eclectic cast full of amazing actors like the Gary Busey, Corey Haim, Everett McGill, Terry O’Quinn, and tons of other recognizable faces. Which one is the werewolf? You’ll have to check out the film to find out. I remember reading CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF as a kid and loving King’s prose matched to classic comic book artist Bernie Wrightson’s illustrations. A few weeks later I went to the theater to watch it all play out as SILVER BULLET on the big screen. While it is at times a little corny, it remains one of the best werewolf films of the eighties and beyond! This one is presented by the awesome guys at The Losers’ Club: A Stephen King Podcast!
Click here for the trailer for SILVER BULLET!

Thursday October 15th is the night I am looking forward to the most. I had a chance to watch Bryan Bertino’s new film THE DARK AND THE WICKED, but I wanted to see it with an audience. So I am intentionally waiting to see this one at the drive-in with everyone else. From everything I’ve heard about it, THE DARK AND THE WICKED is just as scary as Bertino’s hit film THE STRANGERS and maybe a little more so. This is a dark tale of supernatural possession and hauntings. It’s my most anticipated film to see in the bunch offered from the Music Box and I simply cannot wait until Thursday to watch it with all of you! The Music Box is partnering with the Chicago International Film Festival to present this nightmarish new film! Thursday can’t come any quicker!
Click here for the trailer for THE DARK AND THE WICKED!

Grindhouse Fridays is always a double feature and this Friday October 16th honors one of genre films’ greatest unsung heroes, Clint Howard. Two film’s starring the character actor brother of Ron Howard are being played, the evil computer film EVILSPEAK and the slasher ICE CREAM MAN. Both highlights Howard’s talent for being creepy as hell.
Click here for the trailer for EVILSPEAK!

On Saturday October 17th, the Music Box of Horrors is playing Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller’s classic that became a phenomenon that rules horror to this day, the original FRIDAY THE 13th the Uncut Version! I’ve written words and words about FRIDAY THE 13TH and will be reviewing each installment of the series soon once the new Shout Factory Collection shows up on my doorstep. Let’s just say, if you haven’t seen this film on the big screen, you are missing out big time. Accompanying FRIDAY THE 13TH on this Rip-Off Saturday Double Feature is the Indonesian film SRIGALA which lifts quite a bit from FRIDAY THE 13th but also adds it’s own bizarre flavor to the legend. This double feature seems like a blast and I’m trying my best to make it to this one as well! Don’t miss this double feature like no other!
Click here for the trailer for FRIDAY THE 13TH!

This is shaping up to be a hell of a week for The Music Box of Horrors at the Drive-In and we’re only halfway through the month. Next Sunday, I’ll let you know what’s playing for next week! For more information about directions, tickets, and other info, click this link!

I hope to see some of you at the Music Box of Horrors at the Drive-In this week! Happy Halloween!