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Directed by Kenta Osaka & Hirohito Takimoto
Written by Kenta Osaka & Hirohito Takimoto
Starring Diana G., Will Harrell, Alex Derycz, Miyatani, Kumi Yuuki, Umiyushi, Karin Tokushige, Kanta Nonaka, Yuuki Kawashima, Ai Namura, Hideki Yanayi, Kaname Yuumura, Tousei Yamaguchi
There’s something about TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE rip-offs that I find endearing. Depending on the amount of creativity behind the project, you can always get a cool assortment of monsters in a backwoods family and a good amount of grueling torment. Still, even the most voracious of TCM fans would have a tough time digesting the DIY no-budgeter TOKYO HOME STAY MASSACRE.

A trio of kids arrive in Japan and hope to soak in the sights and culture. These are well-intentioned kids and have no clue that the room they rent is in a house occupied by a horrifying family with a hunger for flesh and blood.

The thing that stands out almost immediately is that the three American actors in the leads are absolutely god-awful. Everything from the quiet moments that are supposed to be dramatic to the frantic moments that are supposed to be horrifying end up being laughably bad because these three simply couldn’t toss out a line with some effectiveness to save their lives. This will be a deal breaker for those unable to see past the terrible leads.

That said, there is a level of depravity that is somewhat admirable. The crazy Japanese family does have their moments with one demented boy continually smashing a baby doll against a rock and another little girl with a staring problem. I also thought the big fight with a pair of police officers and one of the victims was gory and goofy fun.

Still, even from a rudimentary story level, TOKYO HOME STAY MASSACRE doesn’t work. The only sin the kids really commit is that they are bad actors. Unlike the obnoxious and annoying characters in most of these films, the are relative innocents and not even given the chance to be bad tourists, which means watching them receive a good torturing isn’t cathartic or anything. Just kind of sad. Fans of laughably bad movies will have a buffet to feast on with TOKYO HOME STAY MASSACRE, but this one was a hard one to choke down for me.

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