Hey folks,

I’m putting my Retro-Best in Horror Countdowns on pause for October to bring you all my Annual Best of the Best in Horror 2019-2020 Countdown beginning October 1st!

This is an annual event that looks back over the last year, beginning on October 1, 2019 and ending on September 30, 2020, and counts down to #1 every day in our favorite month October. I do this countdown in October because it is the month when I first began reviewing horror films many moons ago. The films will be chosen from those only released to the masses, no elitism here. So if it was released On Demand, digital download, on Blu-ray/DVD, in drive-ins, or in theaters (HAH!) it qualifies to be on the list.

As a bit of madness, I am trying something new this year, given that I started MLMillerFrights on Youtube. I’ll be posting my usual written reviews of my Best of picks, plus a Best of Extra which either just barely missed being on the main list or stood out as worth noting for some reason through the year. But in addition, I’ll also be posting a MLMillerFrights Youtube video with a truncated version of both picks every day in October as well.

As always, I encourage everyone to chime in below in the commends, tell me how nuts and wrong I am about my picks, share your own experiences with these films, and of course, share your own darn lists. Please like and share the news about the countdown to all of your friends. So get ready. Get excited. And get pumped up to be scared. The Best of the Best in Horror 2019-2020 begins Thursday!

Thanks and take care,