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Released on April 27, 2018. Available on Blu-ray/DVD, On Demand, and digital download! Also streaming on Tubi!


Directed by Adrian Tofei
Written by Adrian Tofei
Starring Adrian Tofei, Sonia Teodoriu, Florentina Hariton, Alexandra Stroe
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While I only saw this film recently, I won’t forget this harrowing and disturbing portrait of obsession and mental illness. While the found footage film have been a horror staple, it hasn’t been used to this level of creepy before. Reminiscent of CREEP, MAN BITES DOG, and CAPTURE KILL RELEASE, BE MY CAT: A FILM FOR ANNE reaches new levels of depravity and makes for one of the scariest found footage films around, mainly because it feels absolutely authentic.

Adrian (played by Adrian Tofeo, who also wrote and directed BE MY CAT) has been obsessed with Anne Hathaway since he saw her in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Personally, I don’t think Hathaway does a particular good job in that film and prefer her performance in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA much more indicative of the actresses talents. Adrian sees her as his muse and wants desperately to cast her in his debut film. But Adrian knows enough about the movie industry to know that you don’t get anything without a demo reel, so he decides to invite a few actresses into his small town in Romania for auditions and to shoot a few scenes with them. Prepare for a shocker—Adrian is not all there and once her gets the actresses there his perverse and violent side reveals itself. And it’s all caught on video tape on a camera held by Adrian.

I’ve gone on and on about how authenticity is a crucial factor in making a found footage film. It’s not the only important factor, but it is one of the most important ones. What makes BE MY CAT: A FILM FOR ANNE so effective is that everything feels absolutely, 100% real. The only things we know for certain are the things appearing in the camera. No music is added to amp suspense. No alternative edits are used to flesh out the scene more or give some forced perspective necessary for the audience to understand a bigger picture. Everything we know comes from what we see through the lens and hear from Adrian’s manic ramblings that he records as a sort of behind the scenes feature for his upcoming movie. Because it all looks and feels real, it is easy to believe that the things occurring inside this film is real. This feels like a snuff film—something secreted onto your laptop from some site that probably gave you a million viruses to download. It feels like something you shouldn’t be seeing.

In addition to the authenticity to the filmmaking behind the film, Adrian is amazing as the nervously manic filmmaker who seems to genuinely believe all of this is going to lead him to meet Anne Hathaway, make her fall in love with him, and most importantly, make a movie with her. At times, I felt genuinely sad for Adrian and his delusions, as he is a very sick man and actor Adrian Todei is fantastic at playing the character. At times, I felt horrified by how far his delusions push him and at the violence he unleashes upon his naïve victims. Watching this film unfold is morally painful as one is forced to sit with the horrifying actions Adrian does and are unable to stop him.

I’ve looked all over online to see if Anne Hathaway has responded to Adrian Todei’s film and can’t find any mention of it. If a reader has heard something about this, please do share it down below. All I know is that if I were Hathaway, I’d be scared shitless that this film was made and made so well. Even though there are moments that linger a bit too long towards the end, I feel this is one of the most believable, and therefore most effective found footagers ever made. I recommend this one, but be warned, BE MY CAT: A FILM FOR ANNE is a frightening and grotesque film that will leave your psyche with deep, deep wounds.

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