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Directed by Matthew J. Lawrence
Written by Matthew J. Lawrence
Starring John Thacker, Laura Peterson, Samantha Moorhouse, Craig R Mellor, Craig R Mellor, Micky Satiar, Jacob Kain Prescott, Laura Ellen Wilson, Brian Woodward, Jayne Buchanan, Ian Archdeacon, Vicki Glover, Graham Parrington, Alannah Marie

It’s a tale as old as time. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, girl turns out to be a witch. When a young reporter publishes a story about witches, he is taken to task by a local wiccan who feels he wasn’t unbiased in his reporting. When he agrees to check out the coven, he finds himself falling in love with a witch who is set to be sacrificed and fights desperately to save her.

COVEN OF EVIL is a no budgeter which means that the acting isn’t the best, the editing is not going to be the most crisp, and you’re going to get a lot of bells or whistles with the way it all looks. But despite its low budget trappings, COVEN OF EVIL has a strong story and decently developed characters. Sure this is not going to be for those who mainly check out slickly polished Hollywood fare, but if you are the type of viewer who pays attention to story, I think you’ll find COVEN OF EVIL to have quite a few redeeming qualities.

COVEN OF EVIL also utilizes effects in a conservative, yet effective way. Some of the possession and demonic smoke effects stand out and show that there was some technical skill at play behind the film. There are those who appreciate the hard work out into no budget/low budget films. Those are the target audience that will appreciate COVEN OF EVIL the most.

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