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Directed by Alex Bourne
Written by Alex Bourne
Starring Hannah Douglas, Richard Buck, Thomas Loone, Dani Tonks, Leah Solmaz, Abigail Wisdom, Chloe Rose Fisher, Deborah McEwan, Matt Allen, Nigel Buckley, Finley Baker, Theo Cane Garvey, Luke Junior, Jon Vangdal Aamaas, Alex Bourne, Jack Gunner, Richard Hobday, Kiah Reeves, Dani Thompson, & Philip John Bailey as Clownface!
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There has been a recent uptick in Clowny Horror lately. I guess one could still attribute it to IT fallout, but I honestly think more horror savvy filmmakers are trying to cash in on the upcoming TERRIFIER sequel. I reviewed CLOWNERY just a short while ago and now, we’ve got CLOWNFACE to contend with.

When Jenna (Hannah Douglas) goes out on a dinner date, she leaves her roommate Zoe (Dani Tonks) home alone to meet up with her boyfriend. Little does she know Zoe is the target of a silent serial killer who wears human skin painted up in clown makeup dubbed Clownface (played by Phillip John Bailey). After Zoe disappears and her boyfriend is killed, Jenna is wracked with guilt and even a year later, barely functioning after the trauma of finding a bloodbath in her apartment when she got home. It seems Clownface is back and after a new target, Jenna.

While the motivations of Clownface are hazy, I must admit, he is a pretty frightening looking clown. I’ve never been scared of clowns, but the nonchalant way Clownface goes about his business and the fact that not only is he wearing clown makeup, but clown makeup over a flesh-mask, is an original touch. While it appears Clownface is obsessed with Zoe, there really isn’t a reason for his latest murder spree. I don’t want to give away some key plot points, but I think as effective as Clownface looks and acts, why he does what he does is frustratingly vague.

There is a lot of time spent on Jenna’s trauma and her adjusting to re-entering the real world. This isn’t a bad decision, but paired with a copious amount of flashbacks that feel unnecessary, CLOWNFACE does sag in the middle a bit as it feels rather aimless in between the two big clowny massacre scenes. Sure there are one or two random Clownface murders sprinkled in, but again, because we don’t know why he is doing it, they feel like pointless kills to keep the energy level up.

I do appreciate CLOWNFACE for using normal looking women rather than super-model gals in their cast. It makes the scares a lot more relatable when you can imagine seeing these gals actually living in the real world. They are still very talented and attractive, but the fact that they are not perfect makes the horror all the more tangible.

CLOWNFACE is a capable slasher. Nothing revolutionary occurs. It’s got some heinous and gory kills. So for gorehounds, this is a good one to savor. I find it rather middle of the road, but much better and most importantly, scarier than most throwaway clowny horror fare.

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