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Directed by J. Zachary Thurman
Written by J. Zachary Thurman
Starring Keith Dowsett, Amelia Hakleroad, Allison Joy McDaniel, Maddison Stroud, J. Zachary Thurman
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I also peaced out of FURRY NIGHTS in the first fifteen minutes because those moments are filled with extremely amateur acting, a poortly written script, and bad production. But I stuck with it and it turns out the film improves exponentially by the time the over the top ending occurs.

When a group of amateur filmmakers head out to the woods to film a monster movie, they happen upon a Furry party in the middle of the woods. For those who don’t know, Furries are people who dress up in fur covered animal costumes and masks and meet to have anonymous sex with one another. When one of the filmmakers who is conveniently armed with a rifle shoots a Furry, thinking it’s a real bear, the rest of the Furries produce chainsaws, axes, guns, and machetes and begin hunting the filmmakers and actors through the woods. Don’t ask me where they were keeping the chainsaw…

There are a lot of problems with FURRY NIGHTS. The “bear” that is shot in no way looks like a real bear and one would have to be blind drunk and brainless to make that mistake. As I said before, the Furries seem to have weapons on hand just in case someone shoots one of them and they have to murder them back. The movie the filmmakers are shooting is beyond dumb. I get it that it’s a movie within a movie, so we are supposed to see how dumb it is, but even then, it’s terrible and having the filmmaker and actors think it’s great stuff is hard to believe. The sound is dodgy from minute one. It cuts in and out throughout the earlier scenes, which makes any and all subplots a muddled mess. Finally, there are large scenes that either happen off panel or are simply explained by the cast—most likely due to budgetary restrictions. Apparently, there’s a scene where the cast hits a deer. They talk about it, but we don’t see it and I think that’s a mistake as seeing it would be a powerful metaphor for the drama that is about the happen when the Furries attack.

One of the biggest frustrations I had was that the film doesn’t even have the guts to show the Furries having sex. Furry love doesn’t really do it for me and I’m not saying I wanted to see full penetration, but if you’re going to make a movie about Furries, go for the gold, man. The Furries are shown having a party and it’s practically G-rated as they just kind of rub up against one another and make squeaking sounds. I understand that they wouldn’t want to make fun of a particular way someone chooses to express themselves sexually, but I think it’s more reprehensible to show the Furry party in such a half-hazard way. Had they gone the extra mile and not gone for the cartoon version of a Furry party, it might have added some gravitas to the inciting moment of the whole film.

Now, that’s a mighty long list of bad things going against FURRY NIGHTS, but all of that happens in about the first half hour of the film. Once the Furries pounce, it becomes a much more interesting movie. Now, casting a group of Furries as deviant psychopaths might be offensive to those who just like a Furry good time, but at least seeing these masked monsters go crazy looks and feels creepy. There’s one extremely well timed jump scare that really sets off the rollercoaster that FURRY NIGHTS becomes. There’s fun carnage, ultra-violence, extremely gore bits, and some well timed comedy that occurs in the last forty five minutes that really did turn my feelings around. Had the first twenty to thirty minutes been as batshit crazy, I would wholeheartedly recommend this odd little flick. Yes, there are moments all the way through the film where the masked actors seem like they don’t know when the scene is over and are kind of just making stuff up as they go along, but some of the costumes are disturbing, especially when armed with a chainsaw or machete.

FURRY NIGHTS is an uneven film, but at least it gets most of the bad stuff out of the way in the beginning, leaving all of the good stuff in the last half. If you take a chance on this one, power through those rough first scenes. I guarantee FURRY NIGHTS gets better as it goes on.

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