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Directed by Brian Avenet-Bradley, Laurence Avenet-Bradley
Written by Brian Avenet-Bradley
Starring Trista Robinson, Hannah Race, Paul Chirico, Marshal Hilton, Norman Zeller, Elif Savas, Danilo Di Julio, Ian Heath, Curt Lambert
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ECHOES OF FEAR is one of those small indie films that totally blew me away. It sort of starts out like a harmless little ghost story, but soon evolves into a morally twisted and quite scary little indie.

Trista Robinson (PURGATORY ROAD) plays Alisa, the sole inheritor of her grandfather’s house who returns to the house for the first time since her childhood to clean the place up so that she can sell it. As soon as she moves in, Alisa is plagued with dreams, flashbacks, and what seems to be paranormal phenomenon. The more Alisa digs into the history of the home and her grandfather’s past, she begins uncovering some very disturbing details and the more she unearths, the more her life seems to be in danger.

Right off the bat, I want to acknowledge the other-worldly awesomeness that is actress Trista Robinson. She is reminiscent of Sarah Silverman, but is much less harsh than the comedian, and has a child-like voice of Jennifer Tilly, but is less Betty Boop sexy and more innocent. No matter how you describe her, she’s a fantastic actress who isn’t afraid to tackle some bizarre material. This movie is the perfect example of Robinson’s risk taking as she delves into some pretty sordid stuff that her grandfather was up to. One would like to think of grandfathers as jolly old codgers, but the truth is they are people just like everyone else, wholly capable of good and bad things. Robinson’s Alisa finds that disturbing truth out and her child-like voice and wide eyes only make her reactions to these hidden secrets all the more twisted. It’s gotten to the point where I am actively seeking out films by Robinson as she is such a memorable and talented actress.

The story itself is, as I have already described, pretty twisted. I won’t go into too much detail, but there are some rough things uncovered hiding in the walls and foundations of the house Alisa inherited. The film moves at a brisk pace, to a point where I was caught up in the mystery and well into the story before I even noticed it. The way this mystery unfolds really works as it suggests both paranormal things going on as well as real world terrors and the onslaught of both is relentless as the film goes on. On top of the speedy pace, ECHOES OF FEAR really delivers some potent jump scares multiple times throughout the story. There are awesome misdirections, comin’ at cha’ moments, and simple jump scares that keeps you on edge all the way through.

Brian and Laurence Avenet-Bradley really do fill this film with a great eerie sense of gloom and doom as well as electrifying scare scenes. ECHOES OF FEAR is a great highlight of Trista Robinson’s talent to terrify as well as features some fantastic scenes that will make you wince and jump. I highly recommend this low budget, yet potent little shocker.

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