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Directed by Aaron Mirtes
Written by Aaron Mirtes
Starring Brad Belemjian, David Ditmore, Lacy Hartselle, Taylor Novak, Cris Ruiz, Allison Shrum

Are ya’ itchin’ to see THE HUNT but don’t want any of that politicizin’? Do ya’ just want to see some people huntin’ other people without all of that head scratchin’ satire? Well, have I got the movie for you? AMERICAN HUNT is a blatant ripoff of THE HUNT. It most likely benefitted from THE HUNT’s delayed release in theaters as it could be released at the very same time online as the movie was in theaters. Maybe some poor schlubs would click on it thinking that it’s the same movie. Boy, would they be wrong.

A pair of brothers, the handsome one Levi (Taylor Novak) and the other one Memphis (Brad Belemjian) lure a group of twenty-somethings to a secluded farm where they trick them into setting camp and the surprise them by hunting them in their expansive, fenced in forest that surrounds the property.

Let’s call this film “watchable.” While it is brainless and inept in theme compared to THE HUNT—sort of like sitting Homer Simpson next to Walter White and giving them an aptitude test, AMERICAN HUNT at least hits the ground running and rarely takes a minute to slow down. There’s a fair amount of gore and some decent action. The predators are more like inbred hicks a few generations apart from the TCM Sawyer family and while the actors are not breaking any new thespian ground, they are capable of spouting out lines. Had there been a bigger budget, some decent actors, and some more knowhow put into the plot, AMERICAN HUNT could have been something, but as is, it’s just kind of a passible time-waster.

AMERICAN HUNT tries it’s durndest to be ironic towards the end, but none of that really makes sense given the trauma the characters have endured. I am not recommending it to those who take their cinema seriously, but it will keep your attention and even manages to be fun at times. Just don’t expect much thought put into it and try not to compare it to it’s big budget kin THE HUNT and you might just enjoy it.

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