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Directed by Brad Twigg
Written by Brad Twigg, Julio Bana Fernandez, Matthew L. Furman, Rosanna Nelson
Starring Richie Acevedo, Tony Atlas, Julio Bana Fernandez, Jason John Beebe, Aaron Brazier, Daniel Brooks, David Curtis, Eric Danger Dionne, Rene Dupree, James L. Edwards, Nathan Feeney, Cayt Feinics, Manny Fernandez, Jimmy Flame, Jim Fullington, Joseph Gardner, Jesse L. Green, Luba Hansen, Nathan Hine, Rick Jermain, Jessica Kresa, Brandy Mason, Dee Moody, Rosanna Nelson, Alex Neumeier, Chris O’Brocki, Mick O’Keefe, Josip Peruzovic, Shawn C. Phillips, Yasmin Qudah, Preston Quinn, Darren Ricci, Darrell Sentz, George Stover, Nick Superchi, Angel Miguel Torres, Jimmy Valiant, Gary Lee Vincent, Andy Vineberg, Ryan Vox, Nadia White, Nicholas Yoder II, Derek Young, Johnny Youngblood

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With a name like WRESTLEMASSACRE, it’s gotta be good, right?


Look, I’m a fan of low to no budget films and I’m glad some of these old wrestlers and their pals got together to make a movie, but wow was this a tough one to get through.

A heaping helping of blood and gory effects of decent quality can’t make up for Z-level acting, bad sound, flat camera-work, bad editing, meandering plot, and a pointless story with very little motivation. WRESTLEMASSACRE has really good intentions, trying to mix professional wrestling with horror and maybe some day it will prove to be a mix that works. Unfortunately, shoddy production and an over-abundance of non-actors don’t bode well for this low budgeter.

When groundskeeper with aspirations of being a professional wrestler has a particularly bad day, Randy (Richie Acevedo) snaps and begins using his wrasslin’ moves and his bare hands to rip apart anyone in his path. There is also a subplot about Randy’s employers, a couple who are in debt with a bookie out to get his money back in cash, rapes, or lumps. Randy has a crush on his employers wife, who has been nice to him while everyone else seems to use him as their personal toilet papere roll and that puts Randy on a collision course with the bookie and his men.

Brad Twigg has delivered such cinematic greats as MILFS VS ZOMBIES (which I haven’t seen, but kind of can’t wait to do so) and KILLER CAMPOUT (a film I actually enjoyed quite a bit for its campy and schlocky take on the slasher genre). He is capable of working within his wheelhouse, meaning that he knows how to make his films within a budget, utilizing good effects to make up for bad acting. I think that peppering this film with former wrestling greats might have been a little too much for Twigg to handle. Maybe Twigg is a little too much of a wrestling fan and this got in the way of his objectivity to know when to cut a scene, when to have an actor redo a take, and so on. If THE DARK SIDE OF THE RING has taught me anything, it’s that wrestlers are not the easiest people to work with. That’s me being generous to Mr. Twigg and all involved. For the most part, WRESTLEMASSACRE is simply a bunch of scenes grouped together with a thin narrative that seems to serve as a series of cameos and gory effects scenes.

I recognized a few of the wrestlers appearing in the film like Nikolai Volkoff, Jimmy Valiant, and Tony Atlas. I’m sure there are quite a few more I didn’t recognize because my knowledge of wrestling ran out in the early nineties. Indie mainstay Shawn C. Phillips makes an appearance and it’s always lovely to see indie Scream Queen/porn actress Nadia White in all of her curvaceous glory. Acevedo tries to be the central rock of this film, but he just doesn’t have the range. Somewhere in WRESTLEMANIA is a “Beauty and the Beast” like love story between Alcevedo and his employer’s wife, but it’s barely noticeable amongst the inundation of wrestling moves, cameos, gore, and gratuitous nudity.

Sorry, WRESTLEMASSACRE has a passion for both wrestling and horror, but doesn’t convey them well at all in the movie itself.

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