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Directed and written by Joel Anderson
Starring Rosie Traynor, David Pledger, Talia Zucker, and Martin Sharpe
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One of the most frightening films you probably haven’t yet seen is LAKE MUNGO. Not necessarily a found footage film, although it is filmed in a documentary style, this small but powerful film had me on the very edge of my sofa until the last seconds.

Writer/director Joel Anderson patiently and skillfully guides us through a mystery about a young girl who drowns in a lake. As time passes, the grieving family experiences strange phenomena. This is an onion of a film, peeling away one layer after the next revealing one terrifying secret after another. More like a real life TWIN PEAKS or AMC’s THE KILLING case than anything else, LAKE MUNGO is one of those films that you will never forget once experienced.

I can’t say enough about the patience and restraint Anderson has in presenting this case and those not savvy they are watching a mockumentary will think this is a true story, I guarantee, as everything feels absolutely genuine. Too many of these types of films rely on the “comin’ at ya” effect, placing the viewer in the first person POV, then throwing shit right in your face. LAKE MUNGO doesn’t go for cheap thrills. Its effectiveness relies on the fact that the story it is telling is genuinely fascinating, tragic, and scary. The revelations throughout are shocking and each revelation compounds upon the last. There’s no misdirection or cheap thrills. Only a palpable sense of dread and a genius hand at storytelling that intensifies all the way up until the very end.

The performances by Alice Palmer’s family are spot on and seem undeniably real. Alice herself (played by Talie Zucker) is believable as a girl next door with unbelievable secrets. This is a film that truly challenges one’s senses and will have you asking yourself “is this real?” I can’t recommend this frightening little film more. It’s definitely one of my favorite and most terrifying shockumentary style films I’ve ever seen. LAKE MUNGO is a modern classic that plays everything straight and scary right through the credits which will leave you with every hair standing on end. No self-respecting horror fan should miss LAKE MUNGO. It is sheer excellence in horror storytelling.

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